Amazing Smoothies
Ebook Review

Amazing Smoothies Ebook Review

Amazing Smoothies... Is it worth purchasing or not? Let’s dive in and see what really stood out to me about this fruit smoothie ebook.

The Bonuses:

#1 - Amazing Smoothies is packed with more than 200 fruit smoothie recipes. You could go over 6 months trying new smoothie recipes without overlapping!

#2 - At only $9.95, this is the best budget smoothie ebook available.

#3 – One feature that was nice to see was that they showed how many servings of fruit each smoothie recipe contained. Some had as little as 2 servings. Others had many as 11 servings. The average smoothie had between 5-8 servings per smoothie.

#4 – You receive several bonus ebooks along with the Amazing Smoothies ebook.

#5 – It makes a great smoothie ebook for beginners!

The Cons:

#1 – If you are an experienced smoothie blender, this isn’t the book for you. Unless you are just looking for more recipes, this ebook is quite simple.

#2 – The recipes use milliliters and grams instead of cups and teaspoons. Now, some people use those measurements and some people do not. Many measuring cups show the milliliters along with the ounces so creating these smoothie masterpieces is no problems at all.

#3 – These recipes contain all fresh fruit and juice with no frozen ingredients. It really is an opinion of taste. But most people prefer their smoothies on the colder side. I would substitute frozen fruit for half of the fresh fruit in these recipes.

Overall Opinion

I was impressed with the number of healthy fruit smoothie recipes available in this ebook. I do not regret purchasing Amazing Smoothies. Even if I wasn’t happy with the ebook, there is a 100% guaranteed refund.

If you are a beginner smoothie maker, this is a perfect ebook for you. It is easy to read and the smoothie recipes are very easy to create.

But if you are looking for more advanced smoothie ebooks, I would highly recommend Sensational Smoothies or Smoothie Recipes for Optimum Health.

If you are interested in learning more about Amazing Smoothies, click here!

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