The Tuna-Egg-Cheese-Milk Smoothie of Doom!

We have a Vita-Mix blender. It was expensive, but we both like smoothies and we use it a lot. So we decided to get it as our Christmas present to each other a few years ago.

You can supposedly do everything with this blender except use it to book airline flights, but all we ever do is make smoothies for ourselves and our grandchildren.

The grandchildren are always very impressed with the way it blends ice up into undetectable mush, and they don’t realize that we use the same approach to add things that are good for them, but which they claim not to like, into the smoothies.

Besides the visiting grandchildren, we also have a cat. He’s almost like a child, and I know he is pampered like one.

Last week I came in and saw that my wife had made a smoothie. I didn’t see her make it, but there was some left in the blender. I poured it into a glass and gave it a try. It was awful! After just one drink, I poured it out.

A short while later my wife came into the house, followed by her purring cat.

“I made the kitty a smoothie,” she told me, very pleased with herself. I just looked at her.

“What was in it?” I asked.

“His favorite things: a little bit of tuna, an egg, some cheese and some milk. I was going to put in some canned cat food, but we are out. We need to go get some before this evening.”

I didn’t say anything, but privately thanked God that we were out of canned cat food...

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So funny! NEW
by: Cody Jackson

So funny! Thanks for sharing your experience. It is much difficult to adopt a cat and to take its proper care. Its food is the most important one because any unusual food may cause food allergic for her. It's better to consult your vet for any queries.
Cat Vaccination Clinic, Chatsworth

Too Funny!
by: DaNae

Thank you so much for sharing your love for Tuna-egg-cheese-milk smoothies!

Boy, your cat sure is spoiled.

This reminds me of the time my dad and I found and ate all of my grandparent's dog jerky. :) We didn't realize what we had done until we asked for more.

It's been 10 years... and they haven't stopped teasing us about that. All well. :) What can we do now but laugh about it?

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