A smoothie or a juicer?

Which is the healthiest option?

Is a smoothie or a juicer recipe healthier for our bodies? Let's look into this great question! What about all of the benefits of fiber in our fruits and vegetables?

How many nutrients do you assimilate from your food?

A smoothie or a juicer?

How much nutrition do you actually get from the fruits and veggies that you do eat? Do you chew your food 50 times? Some experts say that we only get 10-15% of the nutrition from our food, especially vegetables. In the rush of life, we chew our food only a few times and swallow. It’s a shame that those great nutrients run right on through our digestive system without benefiting us.

During school, I was taught the benefits from juicing because the juicer breaks down the cellular walls. That way… our bodies can assimilate most of the nutrients inside our food. We can get up to even 85-90% of the nutrients in our foods when it is broken down.

With a young family and little time, I didn’t like the cleanup of the juicer. I also didn’t like the fact that I was throwing away all of the fiber from those fruits and veggies. Also, some people find that juicing spikes their blood sugars rapidly since there is no fiber.

My solution

While I was working at a smoothie shop during my herbalist schooling, I realized that smoothies gave me the nutrition from my food while not sacrificing all of the fiber. Also, it is a lot faster in cleanup afterwards.

Perfect! I found my solution! Healthy smoothie recipes!

Then I started seeing more possibilities for my young family… I can add herbs, supplements, nutritious seeds, healthy proteins… all while enjoying my fruits and vegetables for the day. AWESOME! I started experimenting at home and saw my little boy drinking things that he would never actually eat.

Then a friend of mine showed me a green smoothie. It is a fruit smoothie with added greens. I was hooked from that day forth. Many of my junk food cravings went away, my skin cleared up, I lost a bunch of weight, I was regular in my bowel movements for the first time in years, and I had more energy. After noticing several of the health benefits of green smoothies, I wanted to tell others about green smoothies.

That’s when I started this website all about healthy smoothie recipes. I hope that you find it useful in improving your health one smoothie at a time.


So... A smoothie or a juicer? I choose to drink smoothies every day. And enjoy juicing on special occasions. I do love juicing and see the benefits of fresh juice.

But in the end you have to be the one to decide if you have the extra time to put into preparing and cleaning. The time spent doing so is well worth it. Do what your body feels best with, as only you know what your body likes.

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