Smoothie Testimonials

Smoothie Testimonials! I love hearing how people's live are changed by just adding a simple smoothie into their diet. If you have received benefits from smoothies, please send your testimony to me. Share your experience with others!

Smoothie Testimonials #1

I don’t remember since when, but it seems to me I’ve always had this problem. I used to constantly suffer from constipation since childhood. Since teenage my skin started developing pimples, which is common in teenage. However, till three years ago, I still had my face full of pimples and acne. I was 28 then and that’s not an age when people get pimples. But I did. And to top it all, after the age of 25, slowly but steadily I started gaining weight. Till the age of 28, I was at least 15 kilos over weight. My confidence level was low, I used to avoid going to parties. In fact I used to be so conscious of my looks that I would not even let my friends take photographs of me.

Three years ago, by brother introduced me to juice diets. All I needed to do was, one day of the week, my entire intake should be fruit smoothies. I chose Saturday because it was most convenient and I would usually be home all day. I would stock up on fresh fruits of my choice and whenever during the day I feel hungry I would make a smoothie and drink. A tall glass is quite filling and I wouldn’t feel hungry for a few hours after that. Personally I prefer fruits like green apples, grapes, watermelon, oranges. I would keep alternating the flavor through the day so that I don’t get bored. By doing this my digestive system got rest for that day, and like I said one day a week won’t hurt!

One day my friends came over and saw me doing this and were all excited. We even had a smoothie party that day and since then we do it regularly. I’ve never been in favor of extreme dieting as it not only reduces your weight but extracts essential vitamins and minerals from your body.

But this kind of diet added to my looks so much so that in a few months my skin actually started glowing. And the benefits I got? Countless! My constipation vanished in a few days. I couldn’t believe it, because I have always suffered from constipation, right from childhood. My pimples and acne disappeared soon after. Now my skin is clear and smooth. I just have a few pimple marks now. And in these last 3 years I’ve lost more than 10 kilos just by doing this. I feel fit, I feel light, I feel energetic, my hair is healthier and I rarely fall ill. You can imagine what this has done to my confidence levels. And photographs!! Well recently, I’ve had an entire portfolio clicked by a professional. Most of them are close-ups. I got all this by just making a conscious decision and making one small change in my lifestyle.

Zeenia, New Delhi

Smoothie Testimonials #2

Smoothies have helped my life go on. Not only have the smoothies helped me have more energy during the day, but the fruit in them have helped me over 15 pounds in the last 2 months. I drink a green smoothie in the morning and then a strawberry banana smoothie at lunch. The green smoothie helps get my mind moving on my way to work, and the strawberry banana smoothie helps get rid of cravings during the afternoon. The fiber, antioxidents, and vitamins in it have made me feel better than ever. Smoothies have unbelieveably changed my life and I don't think there is any other food or drink in the world that tastes as great, and does as great for your body. I LOVE SMOOTHIES.

Rob, San Jose

Smoothie Testimonials #3

I love healthy smoothies ever since i started drinking them I've felt better, looked better, lost weight. 20LBS!!!!!! Let me tell you one thing I'm not going one day without one!

Dave, San Fransisco

Smoothie Testimonials #4

I drink two smoothies a day to help keep weight off and I can't tell you the results I have seen. I start my day off with a large portion of frozen berries (extra strawberries), bananas, almond milk (or regular milk when I run out), carrots, almonds, and a scoop of protein. I drink this one every morning about 20 minutes before my workout. I then work out and have a full lunch. I think a smoothie is a great way to start the day because it doesn't bog me down and make me feel lazy. I have tons of energy and paired with a balanced lunch I tend to keep the craving to eat off. I have my second smoothie of just berries, bananas, and milk close to my dinner time. This helps me to eat a smaller dinner and keep the weight off. I can't explain enough the benefit of smoothies and with so many combinations, one can never get bore!

Caryn Carmine Los Angeles, California

Smoothie Testimonials #5

I make smoothies several times a week and they definitely give me more energy. One of the reasons for extra energy, aside from the health benefits of the nutrients, is the fact that a smoothie is an easy, time saving way of getting a full meal in a few minutes, leaving time and energy for other activities. My favorite smoothies are made from tart fresh fruit such as oranges, strawberries and pineapple. When I'm substituting a smoothie for a regular cooked meal, I add nutritional powder or soy powder. I'm an experimenter and just about anything might end up in my smoothies, so some taste better than others. Most are a delightful surprise. I haven't tried green smoothies yet but I'm looking forward to it! I hope to make them out of my garden produce.

Jane Bemidji, MN

Smoothie Testimonials #6

I've always had a passion for smoothies. They were my favorite thing to drink as a child. When my family got our first smoothie maker I started making smoothies pretty regularly. I particularly found a love for smoothies that contained strawberries and blueberries. Since I've been drinking these smoothies I have found that I rarely come down with colds due to the Vitamin C in the strawberries. Not only am I healthier but my memory has improved because of the blueberries that I often put in the smoothie. Not only are they nutritious but I often find that I can make a meal out of one. I don't eat as many snacks on the days when I do drink smoothies and I love that because I am eating something nutritious and yet curbing my hunger.

Lauren Newtown, CT

Smoothie Testimonials #7

Hi, my name is Jean and I live in New Orleans. We have some of the best resturants and food. After having five children, I needed a way to lose weight. I have tried every diet technique you could possibly think of, and they never worked. I enjoy food. More than food, I enjoy sweet things! I had been drinking smoothies for years, mainly for the taste. I never really looked into what smoothies contained. After attempting to put on my favorite pair of jeans one day, and of course they didn't fit, I decided I would create my own diet -- a healty one. I began by researching various ingrediants in smoothies. I soon discovered smoothing have lost of benefits. My diet began with a light breakfast, a smoothie for lunch and then a healty dinner. My breakfast was normally made up of fruit and juice. At lunch I would consume a 32oz smoothie. Dinner consisted of baked fish or chicken and a vegetable. Lunch was always my favorite meal. Not only was it healty, it satisifed my sweet tooth. In three months I have lost 30 pounds and now at my goal weight.

Jean, New Orleans

Smoothie Testimonials #8

I am very fond of strawberries, blueberries, bananas, and raspberries in smoothie drinks. Smoothies are an easy and enjoyable way to add more fruits to ones diet as well as healthy antioxidants. By creating a smoothie that includes orange juice, yogurt, and even protein powder, one can add a number of nutrients into one drink. A little chocolate protein powder with strawberries or bananas and chocolate or vanilla yogurt can create a sweet, satisfying and very healthy snack. The best part is a smoothie can be customized to whatever is in season or whatever tempts your palate. Frozen fruits can be used in place of fresh if necessary. Bananas that are a bit past prime can be cut up and frozen and used in your next smoothie in place of the ice. I use smoothies to increase the amount of fruit I eat and to make sure I’m getting enough protein in my diet. What a great way to do both!

Lea, Flint

Smoothie Testimonials #9

Smoothies have to be one of my favorites drinks because I can have my favorite fruits into a drink that tastes so good and also knowing that it is so beneficial. I never knew they could be so beneficial until i started drinking one almost every day, i noticed my energy levels went up, i felt better all the time, the common cold didnt effect me as much and in general i felt good about myself for drinking healthy smoothies and not having to worry about calories! I hope everyone else enjoys and experiences these effects from drinking smoothies!

Nick, East Lansing, MI

Smoothie Testimonials #10

I've always disliked breakfast & eating healthfully. It absolutely drove my parents crazy. One day, my mom decided to trick me into eating a healthy & delicious smoothie but she told me it was a shake from the ice cream place down the street. Ever since then, I've been having them for breakfast. I make them myself anytime I want a snack. I throw some things in a blender & pour it into a travel mug. It really is a perfect thing to drink while on the go. I was never a morning person so in college, I would put some things I found in my dorm room into the blender & drink my concoction on the way to class. It is healthy & easy. Some healthy foods require you to follow tedious recipes & you need to buy expensive ingredients but with my smoothies, I just put in whatever I find in my refrigerator. A great thing about it is you can make one for your daughter that likes strawberries & you can make another for your son that likes blueberries & it takes a short amount of time. When traveling to California a few years ago, I noticed the large amount of smoothie places there. I wish they had more in the Boston area & New England. Another great thing about smoothies is you don't have to add tons of sugar to make them sweet. I use low fat yogurt to give it a rich substance while adding some protein. When I went from not eating breakfast to having my healthy smoothies, I definitely felt all around better. I don't feel as tired, my mid-day snack cravings have subsided, & I'm all around physically & mentally better. I don't feel totally bloated & sick after drinking smoothies like I do after eating a large plate of pancakes soaked with maple syrup. For me, smoothies for breakfast are just a no-brainer.


Smoothie Testimonials #11

I absolutely love smoothies. There sweet, fresh yet incredibly healthy. I think what does it for me is the variety of drinks you can create from one just simple machine, from apples to oranges to pears, you can use them all. You will defiantly see the benefits immediately for me the biggest welcomed change has to be my skin has improved dramatically and it made me have fewer spots. Also if I drink one in the morning it always provide me with enough energy until lunch time, helping me focus and work better! It really helped me to have a better lifestyle, I would advise it to anyone. So what are you waiting for?

Sam Mitchell New York

Smoothie Testimonials #12

I drink a smoothie for breakfast at least three or four times a week. I find when I drink a smoothie I don't need to eat anything else for breakfast and I don't get hungry until lunch time. I feel better, lighter, more energetic than when I have a breakfast of something like eggs and toast or a bagel. I keep a supply of fresh, frozen, and even canned fruit on hand so I can make many different flavored smoothies so I don’t get tired of the same old thing. Sometimes I add yogurt, sometimes just skim milk and usually orange juice. Sometimes I am in the mood for a thick creamy smoothie, and sometimes I want something lighter with fruits like watermelon and pineapple and just a little added juice and ice. The greatest benefit I have discovered besides having a delicious treat for breakfast is that drinking smoothies keeps my digestive tract healthy and regular…a big plus! I use a 300 watt hand blender and mix up the smoothie right in the glass I drink it from. It couldn’t be easier!

Cheryl Long Island, NY

Smoothie Testimonials #13

My favorite kind of smoothie, that I make twice a week, is blueberry-banana. It’s not simple just blueberry and banana though. I add acai berry powder in the drink as both a dietary supplement and for its antioxidants. Also I like to add whatever was on sale at the grocery store that week. Including, but not limited to, apples, oranges, roman lettuce, or broccoli. The blueberry and acai powder has such on overpower taste that I can’t even tell I’m eating any green vegetables. I love my smoothie it makes me feel like I’m doing something great for my body. I feel energized by it and proud of myself for taking care of my body. Almost every time I finish the smoothie I work harder cleaning or go for a longer walk with my dog. My smoothie is a glass of inspiration to treat my body better.

Deidre from Lewiston

Smoothie Testimonials #14

Smoothies are always good and can keep us healthy. There is nothing better on a hot day then a nice cold smoothie, something like an Immune Builder smoothie or a Caribbean Way smoothie with fresh fruit and no dairy or extra additives. Green smoothies are better than concentrated ones because you do not have to add extra sweetener or dairy. You can have a really good smoothie with simply strawberries, papaya, and mango blended together with ice and orange juice that is easy to make at home as a treat or as breakfast-on-the-go. Smoothies are filling but also nice and light so they are a good alternative to candy bars and other snacks. Mostly, I enjoy them because they are easy to make and always delicious. Plus, you can use whatever fruit you have available.

Smoothie Testimonials #15

I've become a big fan of smoothies for breakfast. My favorite smoothie is a yogurt and berry mix (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries)- and sometimes a banana. They take very little time to prepare compared to some breakfast items, which makes them perfect on days I know are going to be fast and busy. Starting my day with a smoothie is a fast and easy way to get protein and antioxidants without having to think too much about it. The benefits are the increase in energy and metabolism that I’ve noticed over the past few months (I really wasn’t a breakfast eater before). It’s just a good way to start the day!

Angela Westminster, CA

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