What's your biggest frustration with smoothies?

As many of you know... Smoothies can help improve many different health conditions. I would like to show you how. But first I need to know how I can help you.

Why do I ask these questions? I ask these questions because I care about you. You are not just a number in my eyes, and I am NOT a faceless corporation. But in order for me to know what to write about, I need your advice.

Thank you for your vauable time!

Happy Blending!

What Do You Need the Most?

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Why do you want to learn more about healthy smoothies?
What's the most important information I need to cover in a smoothie ecourse?
What's your biggest frustration with keeping you and your family healthy?
What have you tried so far that hasn't worked for you?
What's your biggest fear when it comes to your health?
If you could have one question answered about smoothies... What would it be?

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