Lose Weight with Vegan Smoothies

Meet Kelly... She has lost 20 pounds in the last 4 months by adding daily vegan smoothies and changing her diet.

She started with a 2 week detox with a healthy smoothie for breakfast, mostly raw foods/salads and veggie juices during the day. She is now eating cooked food, but still stays away from wheat products.

Let’s listen in and see what else she did!

Are your energy levels any different while drinking vegan smoothies?

Kelly: Yes, I generally am very energized in the mornings. When I don't have a smoothie in the morning, something just doesn't feel 'right' about my day.

What was your favorite weight loss smoothie?

Kelly: Frozen mangoes, frozen raspberries, fresh banana, fresh-pressed apple juice, and cinnamon. Sometimes I blend a couple kale leaves with the juice first, then add the rest of the ingredients.

What is your favorite smoothie ingredient/supplement, and why?

Kelly: I love mangoes! They are super healthy, lots of fiber and antioxidants, and make the smoothie a creamier texture without adding any dairy or yogurt.

In what ways did weight loss smoothies help you on your 2 week detox diet?

Kelly: My detox was all about knowing exactly what was going into my body at any time. The smoothies tasted great! They filled me up till lunchtime. And I knew I was getting real, organic fruit because that’s all I used. I used to drink coffee regularly and to not eat much breakfast. I'm generally not very hungry in the mornings, but I know that it is important to have a good breakfast. So, instead of calcium-robbing coffee, I drink a smoothie and get on with my day!

What would you say is the key to losing weight with vegan smoothies?

Kelly: Number one is not to just go to Jamba Juice and get whatever you want. There's a ton of sugar in fruit, so you have to be sure you balance with lower-glycemic fruits, and make them yourself! If you do go to a smoothie store, make sure you skip the sherbets, frozen yogurts, etc. I also always skip ice.

Also, try green smoothies. They give you all the health benefits of raw greens, without having to cook them. If you make them right, you can't taste the greens at all. I will usually do spinach or kale.

Also, add cinnamon! Cinnamon is good for the digestion and may lower blood sugar.

Is there anything else that you would like us to know regarding weight loss?

Kelly: There is no one way to diet. Take the time to learn about nutrition. Understand your body type, cravings and 'panic' foods. For me its baked goods - cookies, cakes, etc. So, choosing to cut out wheat, refined sugar, dairy and eggs takes pretty much all of those things off the list! I still eat foods with fat, but it is not animal fat, and it's not sticking.

I don't think shocking your system - like doing a total fasting cleanse - is a good idea. Be smart and know what works for you and what doesn't.

Exercise, do yoga, and don't eat animals... sounds good to me!!

DaNae’s Comments

Kelly, I want to thank you for taking the time to share your heart on how you lost weight with vegan smoothies and simple lifestyle changes. I am so excited that you found the best weight loss plan to lose weight and gain a healthier body at the same time!

I wish you all the best!

Happy Blending!

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