3 Ways to Make a Diabetic Safe Smoothie

Question: Are the recipes in the free Smoothie Handbook ebook diabetic safe smoothie recipes?

Answer: The answer to that question can vary depending on what type of diabetes and which smoothie recipe that you picked.

I do not have diabetes. So I not have first hand experience with it.

But I do have friends that have both Type 1 and 2 diabetes. They have given mostly feedback on the green smoothies that they drink. It was interesting that they could drink green smoothies, even though there was fruit in the smoothie. Adding some type of fiber does help slow down the absorption of sugar into the body.

3 ways to make a diabetic safe smoothie:

Tip #1 - Use chia seeds. These little seeds have shown that the results of long-term consumption of them, in laboratory studies, is reduced body fat, lowered insulin levels, and lowered blood sugars.

Tip #2 - Add cinnamon to the smoothie. This adds a wonderful twist to any smoothie. I love pumpkin smoothies with cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg.

Plus, cinnamon has been known as a great blood sugar regulator.

Tip #3 - Of course you can use greens to add fiber to any smoothie as well.

But every body is made differently. Watch your blood sugars. Please keep us updated on how it goes. Do you have any great tips for diabetic safe smoothie recipes? Submit your healthy smoothie recipes here!

I hope this helps answer your question.

Happy Blending!


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