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Four low calorie fruit smoothie recipes

Before Picture2

Lose weight with these tasty low calorie fruit smoothie recipes. Make simple changes to a smoothie to shed those pounds.

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Four smoothies for quick weight loss

See the whole picture

Tired not seeing the scale move? Try these smoothies for quick weight loss! Flavors from fruit to chocolate to coffee!

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Best Weight Loss Smoothies!


Discover the top weight loss smoothies! Smoothie recipes for weight loss along with simple tips on how to handle those monster cravings!

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Delicious High Protein Smoothie Recipes

Peach Smoothie

Learn the secrets to blending healthy protein smoothie recipes. These smoothies help you maintain muscle even while shedding body fat.

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Super high protein smoothies

Protein Smoothies

Flavorful high protein smoothies tips and tricks for weight loss.

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3 fast ways to lose weight


Unearth fast ways to lose weight that is sustainable and lasting.

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A Strawberry Smoothie Recipe to Experiment and Enjoy!

Strawberry Smoothie

It is true! You really can make smoothies without tons of sugar and calories and with tons of nutrients. Use our strawberry smoothie recipe and taste the wholesome goodness!

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Satisfying Whey Protein Smoothie Recipe

whey protein smoothie

Trying to lose weight with a whey protein smoothie recipe? Come on in. Let's chat!

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Mouthwatering protein shakes for weight loss

Protein Shake Time

Discover protein shakes for weight loss! See how I use them to lose over 80 pounds.

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Rosey's Go-Go Juice Smoothie

Rosey's Go-Go Juice Smoothie 2 cups spinach 1/3 mango 1 nectarine 1/2 banana 1 kiwi (or 1/4 c pineapple chunks) 4 strawberries 1 cup 100% coconut water

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