Three quick weight loss smoothie recipes

These easy and quick weight loss smoothie recipes will not only help you fit into your favorite jeans... but also fit into your busy schedule. I know... life can be a whirlwind! How is it that a month can fly by so quickly?

I am aware that this article can go two completely different paths... "Quickly losing weight with smoothies" or "How to quickly make weight loss smoothies to fit a busy schedule." Let's briefly discuss both before diving into the recipes below.

Quickly losing weight with smoothies

Quick Weight Loss Smoothie

Losing 10 pounds in a week is a lofty goal. But we may not realize is that 7 of those pounds was water retention, 1.5 pounds was fat, and 1.5 was valuable muscle! Recovering that muscle is extremely challenging. Losing weight too fast can handicap us in our weight efforts and maintenance in the future... physically and emotionally.

Let me explain... We want healthy weight like muscles to not only burn extra calories, but also to have the strength to abundantly live life. Plus, I love to eat food! When I'm done losing weight, I want to eat as much food as I can without gaining the fat back. I really don't want my body starving at 800 or even 1,000 calories a day for 3 months... only to go back to eating 2,000 calories and gain it all back. Since my body is so depleted of energy... it will rightfully begin storing those calories back as fat. So I will be stuck at eating less to maintain my lower body weight.

But if I took the weight loss a little slower and kept my calories slightly higher... I can maintain the lower body fat on higher calories. Ultimately, I can enjoy family gatherings, eating out, and celebrations in life way more and not be stuck on the weight loss roller coaster ride.

We need to enjoy the journey towards our weight loss goals... and not be so focused on the end goals. We need to find simple and easy habits to maintain our progress to losing weight.

quick weight loss smoothie recipes for a busy schedule

There are many different ways to save time in a time crunch.

To create daily healthy habits... you need to remove as many obstacles that will hinder you from establishing your new habit of a smoothie a day.

An example of an obstacle... Many people store their blender in a cabinet. Shifting the items around and pulling out the blender to set it up for a smoothie every day adds an extra step to your new habit. I highly suggest that you keep your blender on the counter so it is ready to go.

One obstacle is decision fatigue while heading out the door. Predetermine and pre-portion out your smoothie ingredients in the fridge and freezer a week ahead of time in containers or bags. All you need to do is pour in the liquid, fresh fruit/greens, and frozen ingredients and press blend. 

Another obstacle is a dirty, crusty blender. In an ideal world... we wash all our dishes after each meal. That doesn't happen at my house. My husband and I work from home and homeschool our 3 kids. We go through a lot of dishes! We don't empty the sink of dishes at every meal... But I make it a point to wash the blender every time I use it. Blenders are so hard to wash after the leftover smoothie dries and hardens.

If you have any leftover smoothie in the blender, don't just place the blender container into the fridge. Pour the excess into a mason jar and seal it. That way you can wash the blender for tomorrow. Plus, you or someone else has a snack for later that day!

So the key to creating a habit is to see what is your biggest obstacle in blending daily smoothies... and be proactive about it and solve it before it becomes a problem.

Now it's time to try some quick weight loss smoothie recipes!

blueberry greek yogurt shake

Blueberry greek Yogurt shake

6oz Plain nonfat greek yogurt

6oz 2% milk

3 pumps of Jordan's Skinny Raspberry Syrup

6oz frozen blueberries

1 scoop Vanilla Gold Standard Protein

Add the yogurt, milk, syrup, berries into the blender and blend completely. Add the protein powder and pulse for a couple seconds.

Yields 3 cups

Strawberry Smoothie

Protein Strawberry Shake

8oz cottage cheese, low fat

5oz water

6oz Frozen Strawberries

3 pumps of Jordan's Raspberry Skinny Syrup

1 scoop Vanilla Gold Standard Protein

Add the cottage cheese, water, strawberries, and syrup into the blender and blend until smooth. Add the protein powder and blend for a few seconds.

Yields 3 cups

Peach Smoothie

That's just peachy smoothie

5oz Greek yogurt, plain

5-8oz water

5oz frozen peaches

3oz frozen mangoes

3 pumps of Jordan's Peach Skinny Syrup

1 scoop Vanilla Gold Standard Protein

Place the yogurt, water peaches, mangoes, and syrup into the blender. Blend until smooth. Add the protein powder and briefly blend.

Yields 3 cups

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