Top Healthy Dessert Smoothies

We generally think of dessert smoothies as “off limits” while losing weight or for other health issues. Why not experiment and transform those generally fat and sugar packed smoothies into healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss? Well... I have done just that! I have come up with several good smoothie recipes that I think that you’ll enjoy just as much as I did.

Holiday Dessert Smoothies

Now, I know that cookies and fudge with a glass of eggnog is usually on the list of treats during the holidays... But here are unique holiday smoothie flavors to mix up your holiday traditions.

Pie Smoothie - Yummy pumpkin smoothie recipes! Tastes like a pumpkin pie blended into a delicious healthy smoothie. Plus... pumpkin makes a great addition to low calorie smoothie recipes!

Eggnog Smoothie - To some people… the holidays just haven’t arrived until they have had their eggnog. Here are some tasty ways to spice up the holidays with an eggnog smoothie.

Peppermint Smoothie - Peppermint candy cane… that flavor alone brings me several memories of Christmas. Give this tasty peppermint smoothie a try!

Fizzy Sorbet Drink - Now here is a perfect drink to serve at any party. It's lower in sugar, but not in flavor! Enjoy this fruit sorbet recipe

Coffee Smoothies

Coffee Smoothie Recipes

These coffee smoothie recipes are about as healthy as you will find! My love for good coffee has grown over these past few decades.

Peanut Butter Smoothies

Blend up your very own creamy peanut butter smoothie recipes! These breakfast dessert smoothies will energize your morning.

Chocolate Smoothies

Yes... you can make a delicious silky chocolate smoothie recipe without the refined sugars, creams, and preservatives! You can even add some extra protein to help satisfy your appetite.

Vanilla Smoothies

Not many other things smell better than fresh vanilla bean. A vanilla smoothie recipe is simple, but yet tastes out of this world.

Yogurt Smoothies

While I was working at the smoothie bar... I realized that the yogurt smoothies were one of the favorites of the customers. You can make a yogurt smoothie recipe any flavor with whatever fruit you wish.

If you are trying to lose weight, try adding some greek yogurt instead. You get twice the protein in greek yogurt than regular yogurt. That way, you won't be reaching for a snack in 10 minutes because your hunger is satisfied. A win-win!

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