The Best Sugar Substitutes!

“Can I have anything sweet ever again?”

Most Definitely!

Below is a list of different sugar substitutes. Some natural sweeteners are better than others. I do want to warn you... even if something says "natural" on the label does not mean it is good for your body. Each individual body is different on how it metabolizes sugar. Your body's response to sugar will depend on how "damaged" it is in the first place. By "damaged", I mean how do your cells react when your insulin levels spikes.

Some people are also allergic to low calorie natural sweeteners. So keep that in mind while trying new varieties. 

Working at a “healthy” smoothie bar, I noticed that most of the smoothies contained quite a bit of honey plus fruit swimming in lots of added sugar/syrups. In all honesty... the fruit smoothies were extremely high in refined sugars. Unsweetened fruit was available. Unfortunately, most of the customers did not know about that option. The customers had to make a special request for only honey.

Let's do a little math together:

One cup of strawberries in syrup contains 234 calories, and 55.4 grams of sugar! But when you take 1 cup of fresh, sliced strawberries you get 53 calories and 8 grams of sugar.

That is a BIG difference!

Say you only switch to using fresh or unsweetened frozen strawberries in your smoothie every day from the sugar-filled strawberries. That little change could help you lose 18 pounds in a year!

You probably know about some of the horrible side effects of sugar, such as the dreaded weight gain. But the dangers of sugar are not limited to just extra fat on your frame. Open your eyes and see how sugar side effects can destroy your health.

Top Two Sweeteners for Your Smoothies

Fresh Strawberries

#1 – The fruit itself!

God has given us a desire to be drawn to sweet foods. He made fruit to specifically meet that desire naturally. We are just bombarded with over-the-top sweet, processed foods today that make eating a juicy, crisp apple a chore.

Learn to drink fruit smoothies without the stimulating sugars added. You will be surprised at how quickly your taste buds will become adjusted to the subtle, yet delicious, flavors of fruit. When choosing fruit, look for the fruit in season. Fully-ripened fruit contain a burst flavor that cannot be compared.

For instance wild blueberries usually have far more flavor than the farm raised ones. I have also noticed that different brands of frozen fruit also have different intensity of flavors. I think it may be if the fruit is picked at peak ripeness or not. Cheaper brand strawberries tend to still be mostly white... indicating that it will not be very flavorful.

#2 – I do understand if you need the added sweetness. I usually add extra sweetener. There are so many low calorie options! I have lately been using the Jordan's Skinny sugar-free low-calorie syrups. They add extra flavor without the extra sugars.

Another natural sweetener of this entire list would be stevia.

Stevia is naturally sweet and contains no calories and sugars. It is a tasty way to add sweetness to your fruit smoothie without the extra 60-200 unneeded calories and sugar spike.

Sugar Substitutes

Please keep in mind that these natural sweeteners are listed in alphabetical order and not in order of health benefits.

Agave Syrup or Nectar

Coconut Palm Sugar

Dates and Other Dried Fruits

Evaporated Cane Sugar

Flavored Syrups

Fruit Juice- 100%

Raw Honey - Check out the health benefits of honey!

Maple Syrup – 100%


Stevia - Check out four amazing benefits of stevia.


Xylitol - Not my top choice. If you like using it, and your body can digest it properly... go for it.

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