When will others notice my weight loss?

When will others notice my weight loss? That is a question that many have in their fitness journey. I know... I did!

I remember stepping on our scale and realizing that I had lost 30 pounds, I was so excited. I felt so accomplished. The weeks of making good food and exercise choices were finally paying off! My clothes were becoming looser... and I had a spring in my step.

I wanted to celebrate my success with my friends and family. But I didn’t want to come across as self-centered. So I kept quiet and wondered when will others notice my weight loss. Granted… I still had at least 70 pounds to lose yet.

I got very discouraged when no one said anything. I realized that people are busy and focused on their own lives. Nothing wrong with that. It took losing 50 pounds for someone to first mention something to me.

I learned that I value what others think of me. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It is important to consider and respect what others have to say. But to base my identity and value on their opinions or comments… or lack thereof… is unhealthy.

Rewarding yourself when no one notices

40 pounds down40 pounds down! I just finished a bike ride with my new hydration pack.

We have to decide to continue with our daily healthy habits not for others… but for ourselves. I now congratulate myself when I finish my daily walk or drink the protein-shake or eat a small bowl of ice cream and not a heaping cereal bowl full.

I also have learned to enjoy new hobbies. But instead of just buying everything for that hobby right away… I buy those items in stages as rewards for maintaining habits or losing another 5 pounds. 

For instance… I now love biking. My husband had a hydration pack with a water bladder. He never needs to screw off the lid to a water bottle while biking as he only needs to suck on the hose connected to his hydration pack. So when I lost 40 pounds and I knew I’d keep biking, I bought my very own hydration pack. I love it!  

My smart watch to increase my movement also was another reward.

Learn to reward yourself with things that don't involve your favorite comfort foods.

With all this said… be your own encourager! Finish your workout with a little jig (on the inside or outside). Find avenues that strengthens your character in persevering through a variety of life events… establishing and maintaining those new habits. Eventually, you may even begin to crave your transformed routines.

When I was at my heaviest, I dreaded going for a walk. I would even have hip or knee pain. It hurt! It took me 9 months to build from going a quarter of a mile to 3 miles. Now, I crave my morning walks. It is a time to think or listen to an audio book or admire God’s handwork of creation. Last week, I saw an adorably fluffy red fox. Yesterday, I helped a small turtle safely cross the road. I suspect that little ducklings will be hatching soon.

I went from making every excuse under the sun to remain inactive to going for a walk outside or on my indoor bike (if it is raining outside). Did this change happen overnight? Nope. But I look back and it does feel like it was only a few days ago.

Back to my original question… When will others notice my weight loss? Maybe no one will notice or verbally say anything. That’s okay. Keep your focus on doing the right things to bring you further down the weight loss road. Don’t get distracted.

Do something today that your future self with thank you tomorrow.

Having walked this path… I now have made it a point to complement and celebrate with others when they lose weight. Losing weight is hard work and should be congratulated! 

Keep it up!

Blend... Drink... Transform!

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