Banana Substitution - How To Replace Bananas In Fruit Smoothies

by Ann

Ann has a question about banana substitution in fruit smoothies, due to health issues caused by bananas.

Question: I notice that many of your smoothie recipes have a whole banana in them. This certainly does make them yummy. However, I suffer from migraine headaches and suspect that banana is a trigger. I also have a dairy allergy (casein and whey). Any suggestions for me.

Thanks for the green smoothie recipes. I am trying to have a green smoothie each day. I usually add some fruit.

Thank you!




I understand somewhat where are you coming from. My son is allergic to dairy. He'll break out all over his back with eczema, if he has any kind of dairy. So I've had to create a whole line of smoothies without dairy. Most of my recipes do not contain dairy. The exception is the yogurt smoothies.

Now regarding how to avoid bananas... you can easily substitute mangoes for bananas. This fruit is best when frozen. I have a hard time finding this fruit ripe where I live. But you may live where you can find it easier.

It does take a little blending time to incorporate frozen mango cubes in the smoothie. But when blended with other fruit, it tastes wonderful! When looking to substitute a medium to large banana, use about 3/4 to 1 cup of mango. This could be done with any of my fruit smoothie recipes. I even snack on partially thawed mango cubes. Very tasty!

Congrats on drinking your green smoothie daily. If someone were to ask me what is one thing to change in their diet to improve their health, it would be to drink a green smoothie everyday. Way to go!

I hope that you are able to figure things out with your allergies and reactions to food. It is no fun dealing with it.

Happy Blending!


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