Becoming Healthier by Roger Lueth

by Roger Lueth

Good morning DaNae,

I stumbled across your website while looking up some health question. I live just south of Bemidji by Lake George. I'm 62 years old and it seems the older I get, the more health conscious I become. Nobody wants to "cash in" early. I did a "bout" with colon cancer about 4 years ago, luckily we caught it in the early stages via a colonoscopy. I got by with just a surgical procedure, didn't require any of the other treatments. It was enough to convince me that I don't want any more to do with cancer.

I have 2 good friends dying of cancer right now. I don't know how many people I know that currently have cancer. I almost hate to pickup the phone because of getting more negative news on someone.
Something has changed big time in our society, that is responsible for all this cancer and disease. It makes a lot of sense to me that's it's what we are eating that is causing the problems.

Interestingly, I just finished a book titled "The missing Ingredient?" by Lee Euler. The bottom line was, almost everything we eat these days has been heated (above 120 degrees), thus losing it's enzymes. He claims enzymes are very important to the digestion process whereby food is broken down into nutrients that then travel into our bloodstream and nourish us. It makes a lot of sense, what he's saying. I have a minor in chemistry, so the chemical jargon was a little bit familiar.

Anyway, I'm fairly interested in trying your "smoothie program".

Readers digest just did an article on basically how useless vitamins are(except D). I've been a big vitamin user for many years and have felt they have helped me. Now I have to rethink this issue. Take care!



I do agree with you about heating foods. I do not eat an all-raw diet, but I do support that most people should focus on a 80% raw diet. That means that you can eat all raw for breakfast and lunch. Then have a salad with a cooked dinner.

Regarding taking supplement vitamins, I think that some are very important to take... like vitamin D. If you do take a multivitamin, make sure that they are not synthetic.

I wish you the best in finding what works best for you!

Happy Blending!


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