Why Would You Want the Best Blender Motor?

What is the best blender motor for you and your family?

Do you want homemade ice cream in minutes? Or how about creating your own tasty nutrient dense salad dressings? With a high powdered blender, you will be able to eat gourmet dishes that are packed with nutrients.

With the mouth watering treats that you can make with a high powered motor, you can make it easier to stay on a healthy lifestyle diet. Amaze your friends on how good healthy food tastes!

When my son at 2 years old even ate his salad with his "smoothie" (really a homemade dressing) drizzled on top. This dressing isn't filled with sugars and preservatives. It contains healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals for his little growing body.

Pick the best blender motor to make a smoothie as silky as one from a smoothie bar? See what kind of blender motor that will you need to blend up a smoothie bar quality drink at home.


This is where a boy’s toy is separated from a man’s toys. Usually the higher number of horsepower in a blender, the smoother the smoothie will be.

The highest quality blenders have between 2 to 3.5 horsepower (HP). These blenders will blend your frozen drinks, nut cheese cakes, and cream sauces into a creamy, smooth texture with no problems. No more gritty drinks. You pay big bucks at the smoothie bar for this kind of healthy food.

You are lucky to find a blender over 1 HP at the local department stores. Drinking a partially blended smoothie with chunks of fruit and ice is one of the biggest complaints.

The different rates of horsepower and blenders are listed below:

3.5 HP – Waring Blender

3+ HP – Blendtec Blender

2+ HP – Vitamix Blender

1 HP – L’Equip Blender

1/2 HP - Oster Classic Beehive Blender

Hoes Does a Blender Work?

The basics on how blenders work is that a magnet causes the motor to spin with a vertical coupler shaft. Traditional motors work by electro magnetism, which means that in the center of the motor is a positively charged magnet with a copper coil surrounding.

When power is administrated to the negative charged copper coils it excites the positively charged magnets causing it to rotate 180 degrees, when reaching the half way point the coils are pulsated on and off causing the magnet to constantly rotate at a controlled desired speed.

Take apart the blenders and you will see that the Blendtec motor uses more copper windings than the Vitamix motor. This makes a stronger magnet which in turn makes more blender power.


Computerized Cycles with Display

Some of the high powdered blenders, like Blendtec, have a computerized cycles and display. The programmed cycles vary the speeds of the motor. By varying the speeds, the smoothie under construction will be drawn into the blades. This allows you independence from the blender.

It is like the ultimate multi-tasking machine! Press one button and start washing dishes or setting the table. The blender will automatically stop.

These high powdered blenders are not even in the same ballpark as the normal consumer blenders. I have blended with several different blenders. There is such a difference!

Now you can try out our fruit smoothie recipes with your new blender!

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