Best Protein Supplement for Smoothies

by Nancy

Nancy is wondering what is the best protein supplement for smoothies so that she isn't craving protein all the time. Let's take a closer look at her question.

Question: I have just started making green smoothies over this past year. The problem I am having is that I am constantly craving protein. My body does not tolerate dairy or soy which limits me greatly. Do You have any suggestions beyond nuts for me to get enough protein in my diet. What is the best protein supplement?


Answer: What a great question! I've tried so many protein powders in search for the best protein supplement. I love adding protein to my smoothies... especially to my chocolate smoothies.

Like you said, nuts are a great way to add protein. But nuts do have quite a bit of fat in the same package. You can use seeds as well. (Example: sunflower, sesame, chia, hemp)

I like to use the hemp seeds that are already ground up into a fine powder. You not only get good protein, but also fiber and good omega oils. sells high quality hemp protein powder at low prices.

Another protein that I like to use is egg white protein. It contains mostly protein. I generally lean towards egg white protein as the best protein supplement for smoothies... because it is almost tasteless and blends very well! Those two characteristics in protein powder are very hard to find. My favorite egg white protein brand that I buy is Vitol at

Vitol egg white protein is mostly filled with egg whites, but they also added natural bee pollen, natural papaya enzymes (papain), and natural pineapple enzymes (bromelain). All of these additives will help your body digest the protein.

I hope this answers your question.

Happy Blending!


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by: Jennifer

A really GREAT brand of Protein powder I have found and that the hospital dietition recommends is Beneprotein. It is low calorie and flavor free. Wonderful product!

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