Blender Cord Benefits!

There are two things to consider when looking at a blender cord. Of course, they shouldn’t be your deciding factor in purchasing a blender. But they are good features to point out. First, there is the length of cord. Second, there is the cord storage compartment.


How long do you need the cord? I demonstrate making smoothies to large groups of people. I prefer for my viewers to see everything blending right in front of them. I love seeing their faces when I put handfuls of spinach into their fruit smoothies. Since using an extension cord is strongly frowned upon, I need a long cord.

If you want your blender for home use, then a long cord might not be needed. There is just one simple question to ask. When you are ready to blend away will the cord reach the electrical outlet?

Cord Storage Compartment

Some blenders actually have a compartment for the cord. Would you like a place to store your cord when not in use?

Due to my love for smoothies throughout the day, I leave my blender on the counter at all times. So, I am not interested in this feature.

But if you are going to be storing your blender and taking it out on occasions, then a storage compartment might be useful for you. I find that when people store their blenders, they use their blender much less. If you have a hard time remembering, keep your blender out.

One downside to a cord storage compartment is that it will cause your blender to be taller than a blender without a compartment. This makes it harder to store in and under cupboards.

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