Can I freeze my smoothies ahead of time?

by Ashley

Smoothie Question: Can I freeze my smoothies ahead of time? I am a working mom, I have two toddlers children that stay home with dad while I am away. Can I make 10-15 16oz smoothies all at once and freeze them to grab and take with me to work in the mornings?

My children are light sleepers and I would like to avoid the noise. It would as well save the trouble of the 15 minutes a day by making enough for a week or two at once.

My concern is that I am going to loose all of the good stuff in the process of trying to save a bit of time and headache?

Smoothie Answer: You are a busy momma! Way to go on striving for healthy habits even on a busy schedule.

You most certainly can make your smoothies ahead of time. You will lose some of the nutrients, but a frozen smoothie is definitely better than a most breakfast items.

One issue that might arise is that the frozen smoothie will not have the same consistency as a smoothie just blended up. The particles will be more separated from the liquid. So if you don't want to reblend it, I would recommend you to use a glass/cup with a lid. That way... you can shake and mix up the smoothie.

One way to save time is to bag up your favorite smoothie ingredients in individual baggies and freeze them. All you have to do is drop the bagful of ingredients into the blender with the liquid and blend. It'll still be noisy, but it'll be fast.

If you come up with the perfect solution to your problem, please let us know... As I'm sure that you are not alone with this problem.

Happy Blending!


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Thank you!
by: Ashley

Hi Rick, I Don't know how I managed to over look the idea of simply ziplocking it to remix in a bag after it thaws. We are lucky enough to have a bunch of large windows in our home so most of the greens we blend come from our indoor mini-gardens, or Micro-greens grown, and sprouts from the counter in the kitchen. I may have to "up-size" our garden if I am able to drink these daily! thanks for the wonderful suggestion.

Stealth Mode.
by: Crystal Monique Hartman.

Do you have a garage? If you are prebagging and freezing your ingredients, blend them in the garage. This could reduce the noise flow to your sleeping kids. Or maybe even your master bathroom if it far away from the kiddos. That's a possibility of 3 doors between the noise.

Fozen Smoothies, Ezy-Pezie
by: Rick in Surprise

I make a weeks worth of breakfast smoothies every Sunday afternoon. I simply mix in the greens and fruits, add all the other stuff I liken and blend them together in my Vita Mix. Then just simply pour off portions into quart freezer bags, remove the excess air, seal the bags and hang them from a rack in your freezer using clothes pins!. Then each morning all you have to do is grab a bag, drop it into an appropriate size pan of luke-warm water. Once defrosted simply agitate the mixture and pour it into a glass and there you go!

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