Evie’s Green Goddess Smoothie

by Evie Leckie
(Windermere, FL)

I’m still in the early stages of making smoothies yet well aware of the benefits of green smoothies for my cancer. With that in mind, when I did my grocery shopping at Publix yesterday I purchased Collard greens in a bag, very reasonably priced, and thankfully, they’d already been washed three times. And the bonus is that Collards are actually one of the most nutrient dense foods, next to Kale.

Today, as I determined I was going to make a green smoothie for my husband and I for a snack I thought about the collard greens. While I’ve never actually never cooked them before myself, I have tried them a couple of times in the past at a restaurant… they were okay but I don’t remember being crazy about them.

So, as I considered what else to to add to my smoothies in addition to the collard greens I remembered that I also had a nice bag of purple kale in the fridge. So the two greens would be the foundation of my yet to be invented smoothie.

Here is what I came up with and it is so yummy that I just had to name it “Evie’s Green Goddess Smoothie!” I also liked the fact that is was plenty sweet enough without my having to add any other sweetener beyond the two fruits.

Yield: 4 (almost 5) 16oz. glasses

Evie’s Green Goddess Smoothie
2 cups of filtered water
3 large purple kale branches (de-stemmed)
1 large handful of the chopped collard greens
1 small scoop (2 tbsp.) of Whey (Chocolate) protein powder
1 large scoop (4 tbsp.) of Garden of Life, Vanilla, Vegan protein powder
! cup of frozen pineapple chunks
2 frozen bananas (4 halfs)

Blend the first three ingredients together
Add both of the protein powders and blend just to mix
Add pineapple and banana (keeping a piece in each corner) and pulse to get it started
Continue to blend first on level 1, then 2 and finally level 3.

Oh my gosh! I was not prepared for the creamy mixture that awaited me in my 72oz, Ninja blender jar. I put a spoon in to sample it before determining if anything else was needed. It was unbelievably yummy! Nothing else was needed. It appeared a little thick and although I knew I could add more water to it I didn’t… I wanted to experience it just as it was.

I had to have my husband George help me “spoon” it into our glasses but we were able to drink it through a straw and enjoy every bit. By the time we were ready for our second glass it had thinned out just a bit but every bit as tasty.

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by: DaNae

Your green smoothie sounds lovely. You are so sweet to want to make that for your husband. How thoughtful! Thank you for sharing your sweet story with me. It made my day!
Happy Blending!

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