Are fast ways to lose weight Lasting?


Many people are eager to seek out fast ways to lose weight. I know... I did!

Hi! I'm DaNae! I've lost over 80 pounds. I've been morbidly obese for many years of my adult life. I wanted to share my story in hopes that my success over my struggles could be helpful to someone. I wish I could look back at my life and say that I had a healthy relationship with food.

I did not realize how much I was eating daily. Have you seen the British show called "Secret Eaters"? To sum it up...  People sign up for this show with the understanding that the camera crew will hide cameras all over the house and "spy" on their eating habits. Not creepy at all. The show also follows the participants as they dine out at restaurants and buy snacks at convenience stores, revealing their food choices.

Secret Eaters

At the end of the show... a nutritionist has totaled all the foods these people had eaten for a whole week. They buy everything that the people eat to show the gravity of how much they eat. It is actually very eye-opening. Many were eating double if not triple the amount of calories that are required! One guy was eating over 10,000 calories every day!

When not mindfully paying attention, it is easy to snack on chocolate or chips here and there... grab another serving of dinner... or add loads of cream and sugar to breakfast. It all adds up.

The participants are not left hanging in the show. They are shown how to reduce their calories and make better choices. We see them 10 weeks later, usually lighter, healthier skin, and in much better spirits.

Mindset shift

I know you want bullet points for fast ways to lose weight... I was there before. I'm on the other side of weight loss. Let me take your hand and show you what I've learned in this process. When I was researching different keyword topics to write about on weight loss... the more popular keywords broke my heart.

"ice hack weight loss"

"cabbage soup diet"

"gummies for weight loss"

"water diet"

We can't last on these types of diets for the rest of our lives. As a teen, I remember considering an advertisement in a magazine for a pill with a worm that would cause "quick weight loss". All these "easy fixes" actually hurt us in the long run in life. They are only temporary and actually damage our bodies for further weight loss in the future! These false, empty promises not only destroy our metabolism but also bring disappointment in ourselves and tie us down mentally. I see that now.

If there is any success with fad diets, usually people gain it all back plus extra when they return to their normal eating habits.

How to move forward?

If we aren't supposed to live jumping from fad diet to fad diet... which fast ways to lose weight should we do? I encourage you to think about what the word "fast" means to you. Twelve weeks or even six months are relatively short compared to a lifetime.

I propose we focus on what works and stick to it. I know it seems like watching grass grow. But how often do we complain about having to mow the grass for the gazillionth time during the summer? It consistently seems like it needs a trim!

I think it is because we are focused on the exciting activities of summer... swim days at the beach, gardening, bike rides, road trips, parks, picnics, family outings, game nights, etc... that we don't realize how fast time has gone by.

What if I sat and tried to observe the grass grow a cm. No way! The only way to observe this is to use a time-lapse video. There is that word... TIME!


Just as we get sidetracked with life... it seems as if time flies by and the grass grows super fast. We need to choose a few of the most effective ways to lose weight and do them every day. Then distract ourselves with living life to the fullest. Don't step on the scale ten times a day. It is like watching grass grow. And it can get very discouraging.

Now, in my coaching program... I do suggest weighing yourself every day to educate yourself about your body. "Trust the process!" If that number isn't going down as fast as you want it to, don't worry about it. Keep trucking on! You got this! Consistency is key to lasting weight loss!

Before you know it... just as you look out over an overgrown yard and wonder how long it's been since you've mowed, the future you will look back and say, "Wow, I've lost 25 pounds!" So what are some tangible ways to lose weight quickly?

Three fast ways to lose weight

1. Establish healthy habits with flexibility

Educate yourself on what foods are best at getting to your goals. I'm not saying for you to eat egg whites, plain chicken breast, and sad vegetables. But it amazes me that choosing certain foods over others can drastically lower your calorie intake.

2. Exercise for fun

Find active hobbies that you love. While losing a large portion of my weight, I wanted to be active with my teenage kids. We all love biking. So I set up a bike trainer downstairs. I use it every day for 20 minutes... unless I'm purposely doing another exercise activity.

I don't just benefit from the daily workout... I'm also in shape to bike during the summer. Living in Minnesota with a short summer season, it normally takes all summer to get in shape to keep up with the kids. Now I am ready to keep up all year long!

3. Get accountability

Humans are community-driven. It is good to have someone to lean on. They can encourage you when you don't see that scale move down. They can celebrate with you in your wins. That can be a friend or spouse.

If you are interested and want to work towards your weight loss goals, you can apply to my coaching program. Set up a personal interview with me. We can see if my program would be a good fit. Keep in mind... when you want to sustainably lose weight, you have to be ready for a change.

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