Fat in Coconut Milk

by Suzanna Keats
(Lakewood, NJ USA)

We like your site, but your calorie and fat figures are way off the charts. We've been buying 'So Delicious' coconut milk with vanilla for over 7 months, and their fat content for just ONE cup is only 5 grams and 90 calories.

If it contained as much as you say, I would be a whale already because I consume about 3 cups per day, along with a coconut ice pop or two; plus use the oil for cooking and as a skin conditioner - I also use the soap. My weight has never increased and I feel so much better as a 70 year old! With the kind of figures listed on your web, most readers will be afraid to try the amazing coconut products that are out there today, and that would be really sad.



I'm not quite sure which smoothie recipes that you are speaking about. As I don't have the calorie counts on most of my recipes. But I do agree with you that the coconut milk in the carton does contain less calories than the canned version.

You will not get the smoothie as creamy, but as you said there are more calories cause there is more fat in canned coconut. If all you have is canned coconut milk and you want lower calories, you can mix 1/2 cup of coconut milk with 1/2 cup water.

The kind of coconut milk that you drink is just watered down coconut milk. So in essence... you are drinking the same thing, but with added water.

Another aspect to look as this is that coconut fat, in moderation, isn't suppose to make you gain weight. From studies that I've read... the fat in coconuts go into the body and burn as energy and not stored as fat. This would help explain why you have such energy while still eating fat.

I don't recommend people drinking coconut oil. But I do love coconut. Not just for the flavor, but for it's other great health benefits.

I would love to try some of your smoothie recipes. They sound terrific!

Happy Blending!


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Make your own, it works!
by: Anonymous

I purchased Coconut milk recently and loved it, although I didn't love the price being over 6 dollars for 2 litre's!! So, I tried an experiment... I bought a can of coconut cream which contained 70% coconut and the rest water. The 400 ml can stated 200 cal 20 grams of fat per 1/2 cup 0 sugar. I emptied the can into a large glass pitcher and added 1.5 litre's of spring water to bring the fat content down to 1.5 grams per cup or you could use less water for richer milk. I stirred this mixture and it looked exactly like the coconut milk "So Delicious" that I had bought recently...next was the taste test! I was totaly amazed!!! it tasted exactly like the 6 dollar carton and I only I paid 1 dollar for the can!!! So happy to say the least, so don't believe anybody when they tell you that you cant do this...just a money making pitch. Save your money and make it yourself.

Coconut milk
by: DaNae


How interesting! It's too bad that the other flavors of coconut milk in the carton don't taste up to par. I know that I can't use all the different kinds of coconut milk in the can, because many of the others taste metallic. I like the Native Forest brand.

Thanks for letting those of us that haven't try all the different kinds of coconut milk in the carton.

More on Coconut Milk
by: Suzanna Keats

I should have made it clear that I was talking about......
So Delicious Coconut Milk in a carton - like cow's milk is sold in. There are 3 kinds, but I wrote the company and told them they should only sell the vanilla flavored coconut milk at first, because the other kinds could easily turn a buyer off. One is tasteless, and the other has a metallic taste.
Common sense says that anyone trying these other ones first, would get turned off and maybe never give ANY of them a chance, but the vanilla flavored one is sooooo good-tasting that you can easily get addicted to it. As for the fat, doctors say it is a very healthy kind. I have lost weight by drinking 2 full glasses of coconut milk a day, plus it relaxes you and soothes a burning gut (gastritis). Insomniacs should take it before bedtime.

Coconut milk
by: DaNae

I do agree with you on coconut milk in the carton. It is the best coconut alternative for a dairy free milk. It has a great consistency and flavor! You are right as it is not "just watered down canned coconut milk". You can use this milk in many different ways. But I do like the versatility of the canned version.

Canned coconut and the coconut in the carton are quite different from each other. The canned stuff is very thick and creamy. It is more like a runny sour cream consistency. They probably should label it as coconut cream on the can instead of milk.

The coconut in the carton is watered down cream. The label states: COCONUT CREAM (WATER, COCONUT, GUAR GUM) The main ingredient is water. But that is why it resembles cow's milk.

Anyways, I am so glad that there are companies out there creating all of these different options for us.

Thanks for chiming in Vanessa! I love hearing what you have to say.

Coconut Milk
by: Vanessa

Hi DaNae: I love your site, and I just wanted to chime in and say that the coconut milk that comes in cartons (So Delicious brand), is not "just watered down canned coconut milk." It is a drinkable beverage that substitutes wonderfully for cow's milk in just about everything, including smoothies. It contains a fraction of the calories and fat found in canned coconut milk, it's fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, and because it also contains magnesium, it's a much better dietary source of calcium than dairy or any other non-dairy "milk" beverage. :)

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