Green smoothie amount a day...

by Sarah R.
(Florida, USA)

In order to get all of the health benefits from my green smoothies, how much green smoothie amount do I need to drink a day? I really want the health benefits from the smoothies, but I just don't know how much to drink.

Please help!

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Green smoothie amount a day...
by: Lisa Robert

In my opinion, 4 glasses are more than enough and can do miracles for weight loss. Be prepare for the freshs and nutritional new tastes of smoothies. Use different ingredients and you can have the better options daily.

do green smoothies constipate
by: Anonymous

do you have constipation

Daily Green Smoothie Intake
by: DaNae


To receive the health benefits from green smoothies, I have found that 4 cups (1 quart) of green smoothie a day is the best amount to drink. Of course the amount of smoothie required will change according to how many greens you add to the smoothie. Using 5 oz of spinach in 4 cups of smoothie vs using 9 oz of spinach in 3 cups of smoothie is quite a difference. Of course... more greens the better.

But receiving 5 oz of spinach is better then none! If you are just beginning with green smoothies... Add as many greens as you can stand to your daily smoothie this week. Next week add more greens than you were before. As you incorporate green smoothies as a daily habit, you will grow to crave more greens in your smoothies.

I hope that this helps you out!

Happy Blending!

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