Green Smoothies Helped Me Quit A Bad Habit

Green smoothies helped me quit a bad habit! I use to work at a office where my boss would buy these EXPENSIVE kale/orange drinks ($5.00 a bottle and this was cost). I figured I could find out how to make these at the fraction of the cost and be just as 'healthy'.

Well, since I discovered the green smoothie... I have stopped drinking coffee. I use to have to drink at least two cups a coffee a day. This drink allowed me to stop drinking coffee without the side effects of caffeine headaches and being tired all the time. THEY ARE GREAT!

*DaNae's Comment: That's great that green smoothies helped you quit a bad habit! I am so excited for you! Not only do you get a nutritious meal, but you also get it for a cheaper price.

Keep it up! Happy Blending!

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anemia and junk craving
by: Anonymous

does the green smoothies or juicing help with anemia conditions and craving for snacks of all sorts.

Weight Loss
by: Anonymous

For weight loss, should the smoothie replace a meal or will the intake of nutrients from the green smoothie blended with mixed berries, mixed greens and one banana fulfill cravings and make you not want to eat junk.

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