How did your family beat cancer?

by Carol

Question: If possible would like to hear more about the healings in you family. For the last three months I have had a very bad respiratory condition. It started with bronchitis, allergies, and went into asthma.



Answer: As for my family's experience with cancer... My mom found out that she had cancer as we were moving out of a house that had a bunch of chemicals buried underneath it. She was extremely tried and had pain while breathing.

We all went to a doctor and found out that we had sarcoma. My mom had the advanced stages. It had even spread into the lymph nodes. There was a small chance to live past 2 years.

We took a bunch of supplements for several years. But the two supplements that she really thinks that helped her heal, along with diet change, was essential oils and freeze-dried aloe vera.

#1 - She would mix the following essential oils: frankincense, myrrh, sage, clove, and ravensara. Dilute it with a carrier oil. At night, she would place a couple drops of the mixture into a capsule and insert the capsule immediately into her rectum and lay down.

I know... That is kind of strange. But many experts talk about a nerve that runs straight to the lungs from the rectum. And she saw good results after 3 months of doing that every day.

#2 - Also, she took 2 encapsulated freeze-dried aloe vera a day for 3 months.

If you feel like there is something wrong in your body, you need to get that checked out by a medical professional.

If you are struggling with sinus problems, that might be corrected with diet changes.

I am curious how your sinuses would benefit by avoiding all processed foods and diary products for a couple months. I get sinus and ear infections easily. When I eliminated dairy from my diet, those infections have not been a problem anymore.

Please let me know how it goes.

I hope that this helps you.


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by: star

Regarding sinus yes milk makes it worse ..I myself have bad sinus so do not do much dairy [ now cheese doesnt seem to bother it nor yogurt but milk yes way to clear it up in a jiffy [ now this is not medical advice just what i do for me ] is i sometimes mix proxide 1 part to 3 parts water and use like a saltine solution by squirting in my nose let it run through then spitting it out .. if i catch in time i can beat the headache from it .. another thing i do is use licorince drops and put a drop or so in each side of nose let it run thru and spit out blow nose [this one i dont use often as i think can make a person blood pressure go up ] .. another one can do is mix vinegar [ i am speaking of organic but brought may work too ] now use again 1.4 vinegar to 3.4 water and drop some in nose let run thru spit out blow nose .. One tid bit though is that you need to sniff it thru as then it will come in your mouth to spit out then blow nose [ not hard so no back up] but to clean out ..usually works like a charm for me ..

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