How Green Smoothies Benefit Me!

by Sue - business owner, mother and wife

I started green juicing and smoothies almost a year ago. I have noticed the tremendous change in my body. My skin looks radiant! I am 44 years old and people ask me if my 20 year-old daughter and I are sisters!

My hairdresser has commented on how much my hair has grown. She says that it feels so healthy.

I give my 7 year old son green juice and smoothies. He loves them and is so healthy. He is never sick. And if he gets the odd cold, it is gone within a couple of days.

I strongly recommend that green smoothies be a part of everyone's diet.



Thank you for sharing how green smoothies have benefited you. I am so happy that you have seen such a tremendous difference on the inside and outside of your body.

That is super fun that people think you are your daughter's sister. My daughter is only 3 months old at this time... but perhaps when she gets into her twenties, I'll be mistaken as a sister as well. :)

I have also found that my boys hardly get sick. And like your son... if they do "catch" a bug, it is over within a day or two.

Thanks again for sharing your story!

Happy Blending!


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