How Green Smoothies Benefited Me!

by Georges
(Phuket, Thailand)

A good friend of mine, an NPL practitioner and certified hypnotherapist, recommended to try green smoothies. I was quite excited by the idea of "Green". Personally, I have tried load of different kinds of smoothies, fresh fruit, milk smoothies, whey protein smoothies. I lead a pretty clean lifestyle but I had never tried the green ones.

I tried one on Saturday afternoon and the effect has been miraculous. I went to the bathroom 5 times in the past 3 days. I had immense increase in energy, went to the gym twice since Saturday, lifted more, feel lighter, feel motivated, feel energized. Most importantly I feel relaxed. I haven't been so "light" in months. As I was having troubles with my bowel movements. I tried both green super pills Chlorella and Spirulina but with no real benefits. The diuretic effect of the green smoothie has been wonderful, I'll drink one smoothie every day from now on!

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