How much green smoothie should I drink?

by Mari

How much green smoothie should I drink? I never know HOW much smoothie to drink. Sometimes my smoothies are 32 ounces, sometimes 20. Should I drink this whole thing, should I be drinking more?

For instance, this morning, I made a smoothie with two very small apples, 1/2 cup frozen peaches, 1/2 cup frozen pineapple, LOTS of kale and water. It made 32 ounces - I drank the whole thing. Is this reasonable?

I figured since it was only about 4 fruit servings and probably 3 veggie servings I was ok... but?? I'm so confused! I just found your site today and plan to read up on recipes, but thought I'd start first with asking what a good rule of 'serving' is in a green smoothie.




To answer your question, I would need more information. Would you replace a meal with this smoothie? Are you trying to lose, gain, or maintain weight?

Your green smoothie recipe is a great example for someone looking to lose weight. The whole 32 ounces of kale smoothie contains less than 250 calories! As you know... drinking one of those smoothies is a great way to pack in those nutrients.

Serving sizes is all up to you. I recommend for adults to drink 4 cups, 32 ounces, a day. Kids over 2 should work towards drinking 2 cups a day. And toddlers should have at least 1 cup a day. Just make sure to create simple smoothies for the young children.

When should you drink your green smoothies? You can drink it all in one meal or throughout the day. But many people find that they digest a green smoothie if it is consumed alone or before their meal. In the morning is my favorite time to drink a green smoothie.

Keep me posted on how it's going!

Happy Blending!


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Freezing your smoothies
by: DaNae

You can certainly freeze your smoothies ahead of time. One of the issues you may come across is that the smoothie will separate. So I recommend thawing it out halfway and reblending it. That is my preference. You may like to just stir it up with a spoon or straw.

There are some loss in nutrients after blending. But a smoothie can still be good, if chilled, for 3 days. But try to drink the smoothie as soon as possible

Happy Blending!


Can I freeze green smoothies
by: Anonymous

I am just wondering, to lighten my daily load, if it would be as beneficial for me to make smoothies for a few days and freeze them? Will I be loosing nutrients.

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