How to Blend Kale Smoothies with a Blendtec Blender?

by John McAvoy
(Burien, WA, USA)

Here we have a question on how to blend kale smoothies with a Blendtec Blender. Let's see the question.

Question: Hi, wish I knew your name. You have a great web site. I took your advice and bought the Blendtec blender.

They do not have any Kale smoothie recipes in their recipe book. All their smoothie recipes instruct to simply press the smoothie button. Is that sufficient for Kale smoothies? What Blendtec operation do you recommend for Kale?

Thanks, John


John, I am so glad that you have found my site beneficial. I only hope to continue to provide you with more valuable information to improve your health.

How do I make a kale smoothie with a Blendtec blender? Like most people, I really like making sure that all of my greens are thoroughly blended into the smoothie. So I have a process that works great for me.

I first place my banana, water, and kale in the blender. I press the number 3 button. Once that cycle is complete... I add the frozen ingredients, like berries, and press the number 3 button again. Provided that I used the correct ingredients, I usually have a perfectly blended kale smoothie.

If you are short of time, you can sure blend everything together all at once with the number 3 button. You may have to press the pulse button to make sure everything is blended properly.

Just to let you know... I primarily use the number 3 button for most of my blending.

I hope that this helps you understand your blender a bit more. I would love to hear how your blending experiment goes.

Happy Blending!


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