How to have radiant skin without weight loss...

by Julie-ann

Question: I bought myself a blender today & I'm looking into how to get smoothie recipes. My main purpose is to see an improvement in my skin. I have skin problems. I get spots mostly on my chin & some in between my eyebrows. I'm after having skin that is clear, radiant, and healthy - noticeable by others. But I don't want to lose weight while drinking smoothies.

Thank you so much!


Answer: Congratulations on your purchase of a blender! Hopefully it will last and serve you for a very long time.

I'm not sure what you refer to when you mention spots on your skin. If it is acne, then diet changes can really help.

I used to have acne really bad in high school. When I was about 16, I had horrible skin. I found the benefits of juice fasting. Cleansing my body and eating a healthier diet, cleared my skin up.

Juice fasting is where I drank 16oz of water, then 30 minutes later drink 16 oz of juice, then 30 minutes later drink 16 oz of water, and so on for 3 days.

Cleaning out the bowels is very important for anyone wanting to have healthy skin. Another great option is drinking green smoothies everyday. Almost everyone that I know have mentioned that their skin has improved after drinking green smoothies for a month or so.

If you don't want to lose weight while drinking smoothies, I would recommend adding avocado, extra bananas, a small handful of raw almonds, or raw seeds. Adding healthy fat is healthy for you and will add some extra calories so that you don't lose weight.

I hope this helps you out!

Happy Blending!


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