How to make a smoothie last

by Sheila

Sheila is wondering how to make a smoothie last. There are a few tricks to doing that. But first... let's see her question.

I always enjoy your Smoothie Secrets emails on smoothies. Thanks!

I have a question about the consistency of my smoothies. For some reason they turn very gelatinous and if I don’t drink them right away they gel. Here are the ingredients.

Frozen blueberries
Greek yogurt
Protein powder

Any ideas? There isn’t any gelatin in the protein powder.




You're very welcome!

I know what you are talking about with the smoothie thickening up after awhile. Almost all smoothies thicken up over time. I would suggest that you keep it cold. Perhaps use a solid colored glass so that you mentally don't see it. Smoothies are good for up to 3 days (if kept cold). Although... they are not very appealing to look at, let alone drink.

It would be good to shake it up a little bit. A glass with a lid would work great. Many times I use my leftover smoothies as the liquid in future smoothies so that I don't waste them.

I know this doesn't solve your problem completely. I usually drink my smoothie right after blending. So, if you find a solution for this smoothie problem. PLEASE let me know! :)

Happy Blending!


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