How to make a 'thinner' smoothie?

Question: How to make a thinner smoothie? So many times the smoothie is too thick!!! While I don't mind 'chewing'... others would prefer it 'thinner' how can I make it thinner without using the juicer?

Answer: You don't have to pull out your juicer to create a "thin" smoothie. There are a couple different options for you to try. And hopefully these tips will make your smoothie making easier and more enjoyable.

1) Add more liquid to the smoothie. You can use water, any kind of milk, juice, or tea. Just don't add too much or you will have a water-down taste. Nobody likes that!

2) The other option that you have is to use fresh ingredients in your smoothies in place of the frozen smoothie ingredients. This will definitely help you avoid those thick, hard-to-use-a-straw type smoothies.

I hope that this helps answer your smoothie question.

Happy Blending!


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Thinner Smoothies
by: Anonymous

I use a fair amount of liquid (1 cup + usually) and no ice or frozen ingredients-apple, banana, pineapple, kale, arugula, spinach and with a Vitamix 750 set on the smoothie setting. The smoothies come out very thick and if they sit around for a hour or so, an ice cube will sit on top of it. Any other suggestions to thin these out, or do I just need to add lots more liquid?

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