Is alfalfa okay for smoothies?

by Merrill Mawdsley
(Burt, IA USA)

Question: Is alfalfa okay for smoothies? I have been juicing for about 6 years and have just began smoothies lately. How wonderful they are. I read Green of Life and it finally hit home.

Your web site is very interesting also your family health story. I farm in Iowa, basically alot of just corn and soybeans. However, we also raise and sell hay. I am curious if my organic alfalfa could be part of my greens in my green smoothies.

I am a big fan of dark greens already and my main interest is green smoothies. The only info I can find is on alfalfa sprouts. Thanks for your great web site.

Answer: I am sure that you've seen great improvement of your health with your juicing. You will also see great benefits from the green smoothies as well.

I wasn't sure about using the raw alfalfa in smoothies. So I researched it with little success. Like you said most of the information out there use alfalfa sprouts.

But with my studies of herbology, I see no problem with taking dried alfalfa so why not the raw version. I have taken my fair share of alfalfa mostly in capsules or in my green drink mix.

A couple of things to consider. You will probably only use a fraction of the alfalfa as you would any other leafy green. Like 3 tablespoon of the raw alfalfa. As you probably know, make sure to wash it thouroughly.

I am curious how your experimenting turns out. Please send over some healthy smoothie recipes to share with everyone.

Happy Blending!


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