Is mixing all different kinds of fruit in a smoothie good for my body?

by Ashwini

Question: My dietitian told me not to eat two fruits at the same time. But in your smoothies you actually blend more than 2 fruits together.

How safe is that? What should I follow?

Answer: Should you mix more than one fruit together in a smoothie? I think that you should follow what your body tells you. Some people can digest multiple fruits together and others cannot. Yes... the lower amount of different kinds of fruit will make it easier for your body to digest.

If you have a lot of gas after drinking a smoothie, I would definitely say that you need to drink simpler smoothies. Try simple smoothies and see what happens to your digestive tract.

One type of fruit that is harder to digest than other fruits are melons. They go through the digestive track more quickly than regular fruit. So they start to ferment more quickly if mixed with slower digested foods. And that can cause gas. I do not get digestive problems from mixing melons with other fruits, but you may. So you can keep an eye out and see how your body reacts.

I hope that you can figure out what works for your body!

Happy Blending!


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Fruit & veggie smoothies
by: Gee WaEn

I just need to fully be aware that there is no fruit or veggie out of limits, as long as my system can take it , right? Either by mixing fruits with veggies or each category on its own?

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