Life Story & Natural Sweeteners

Question: Wow! What a story you have! That is great that your mom is still going. But what about you? How is your cancer?

My question is do you really need Stevia? I have Nutra-taste. I am anxious to get started. I am diabetic, any special ones I should try first?

Thanks for sharing your story AND your recipes :)


Answer: It is great that my mom is vibrantly thriving. She actually just visited to help my family move into our new house.

Thanks for asking how I am doing. I am doing great! Better than I deserve!

Do you need to use stevia in a smoothie? No... I just use it because it is a sweetener with no calories and no known side effects. Blending a smoothie with mostly fruit is the best route, but if you need a sweeter drink stevia is a good option.

I have never used Nutra-taste. I am not sure what it is made out of. Make sure it is a natural sweetener. My favorite brand of stevia is made by NuNaturals. It blends easily with liquid and has no after taste.

On the other hand, there are many high quality brands of stevia that you can use. Find a brand that you like. Just stay away from artificial sweeteners, like Splenda and Aspartame.

I hope that this helps!

Happy Blending!


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by: Anonymous

I always use SweetLeaf stevia in my fruit smoothies! Yummy!

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