Lose Extra Weight with Smoothies

by Jessica
(Goodyear, AZ)

Question: How to lose weight with smoothies? I just want to know what is the best green smoothie to help lose weight in the tummy. How many times a day should I drink them? once a day? 2x a day? 3? Also, can I eat other foods with it to lose weight or would I just have to drink green smoothies?

Answer: There could be many plausible answers for you to lose weight with green smoothies. It depends on how overweight you are. 10 pounds... 25 pounds... 75 or more pounds... If you have over 30-50 pounds to lose, green smoothies are one of the easiest ways to lose weight.

You say that you have tummy weight that you want to lose. Is that were you usually gain weight? In general if you lose weight all over your body, you will lose weight in your trouble spots as well. Most of the time, it will take a lot of persistence to get rid of those last 10 pounds.

Water Weight

You may have water bloating issues as well...

#1 Make sure to drink at least 8 glasses, if not more, of pure water a day.

#2 As you probably know, eliminate refined salt and processed foods from your diet. If you absolutely need salt, use natural sea salt (Celtic or Himalayan).

#3 Drink unsweetened cranberry juice and lemon juice diluted in pure water. These juices flush out excess water in your body.

After doing these three things, many people easily lose their excess water weight.

My Weight Loss Story

To show you an example of losing weight with green smoothies, here is my green smoothie weight loss story. When I had 65 pounds to lose, I drank 4 cups of green smoothie throughout the morning. Then I ate lunch and dinner the same. I found as I drank the green smoothies my cravings for all of the junk that I was addicted too slowly melted away. Then I saw my fat melt away as well. The green smoothies gave me cravings for healthier foods, like salads and fresh produce.

Which green smoothie recipe did I use? A variety of them. My favorite smoothie recipe is frozen blueberries, banana, spinach, and water. But I quite often use kale.

After losing some weight in the beginning, I started walking 25-45 minutes a day. My energy levels really soared and the weight continued to fall off.

Now that I am getting into summer fit shape, I am eating 5-6 small meals a day with 2 cups of green smoothie with 2 of the small meals.

Since the last 20 pounds are the hardest to lose, I boosted up my exercise routine by working out with Tae Bo DVD's 3-4 times a week and weight lifting 2-3 times a week. Another great workout is high intensity intervals.

In the next couple months, I will be writing more pages on how I lost weight with smoothies and shakes. So keep posted! :)

What to eat besides smoothies?

Regarding your question on what to eat other than smoothies... Eat foods closest to its natural state. For instance... Replace flavored instant oatmeal with rolled oatmeal or oat groats. Experiment with whole grains (rice, quinao, barley) and legumes instead of a lot of refined pasta and bread. Buy whole wheat bread instead of white. Avoid sugar and trans fats.

If you don't think that you will not be able to change everything in your diet, do what you can. Drink green smoothies. Take a walk. Doing something is better than nothing.

I hope that this helps you lose that extra tummy weight.

Happy Blending!

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good post
by: Dealbert

I think green smoothies gave me cravings for healthier foods. I like to say thanks a lot for this effort. keep sharing such kind of articles.

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