My Green Smoothie Is NOT Smooth - Help!

My green smoothie is NOT smooth... help! I have a regular blender and can't afford a more high powered one at this time. I love the idea of making green smoothies. But when I have tried it, they are pretty chunky. The taste is great, but the texture turns me off.

Can you share any tips in making smoother (I know they won't be as smooth as they would be if I had a $400 blender), but smoother green smoothie with a regular blender?

Thanks so much!


I understand where you are coming from. I love my Blendtec blender. But if you are not in the place to purchase a blender now, here are some tips for creating a smoother smoothie with a cheaper blender.

#1: Use softer greens. Spinach and lettuce blend more easily than kale and collard greens. You will have less chewy bits of leaves.

#2: Blend in steps. When I'm using a regular blender... I usually blend my green smoothies using the steps as follows: Add the liquid, greens, and fresh fruit. Blend. Then add the frozen fruit and blend again.

I've found that with lower powered blenders that I have to blend my ingredients in a couple of different steps in order to blend everything correctly.

#3: Use less frozen fruit and more fresh fruit. Frozen fruit is really hard for the cheaper blenders to chop the fruit until smooth.

Another way to get a cold green smoothie is to use frozen fruit or ice... but let it thaw out for 15 minutes before blending. That will make the process easier.

I hope this helps you out!

Happy Blending!


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smooth smoothies for less
by: Monica

I also loved the taste but the chunks bothered me at times. Brevill emakes a $200 Ikon 600Xl blender with 750 watts. It does the job quite well and I found it on refurbed for $95. Now I drink smooth smoothies. May not need to upgrade to the Blentec or Vitamix.

less chunks in your smoothie
by: Anonymous

I find that if I chop my kale into small pieces and blanch them for a few minutes (just until it wilts) it blends a little better with less bits in it. Granted some people don't like the texture of blanched greens but when it is blended in a smoothie it should not matter. It doesn't alter the flavor. Goodluck

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