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by Carol

Question: DaNae, I enjoy your website. I signed up for your ebook and newsletter.

How many smoothies a day do you suggest for the best results? And what is best to eat the rest of the day?

Thank you!


Answer: I am so glad that you have enjoyed the information on this site. Hopefully, you will see great health benefits from smoothies.

I am not sure what type of smoothie you are asking about, but a green smoothie is the most nutrient dense.

I, along with many other smoothie experts, have noticed that most people see benefits from drinking around a quart of green smoothie a day.

I usually blend my green smoothie for breakfast and drink 3-4 cups of smoothie throughout the morning. Everyone's body is different. We all need different nutrients to receive the best results from smoothies. But most people see great health changes with a quart of green smoothie day.

Then, if I start craving for something sweet in the afternoon, I make a healthy chocolate smoothie recipe to enjoy. I usually drink around 1-1 1/2 cups of chocolate smoothie at a time. If you need to lose weight, drink up to 1 cup a day.

You can also make filling fruit smoothie recipes with hemp protein for a delicious breakfast. In that case a woman would drink about 2 cups of smoothie for a meal.

As for your question about what to eat besides smoothies... I could write a whole book on that question. But I will try to keep it brief.

#1 - Everyone should increase their intake of vegetables and fruits. Include vegetables at every meal. I try to eat a pound of veggies a day. This is not hard as you can eat foods like cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, and etc that are heavy in weight.

#2 - I also recommend people to incorporate beans, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and some free range or wild meat into their diet.

#3 - We should avoid refine foods, like foods that come from in a cardboard box. There is usually no health benefits from sugar cookies or hamburger helper. Many times these foods contain additives that are very addicting.

I don't like taking away people's favorite foods. I recommend people to add nutrient dense foods into their regular lifestyle. Then just keep increasing the amount of healthy food. In turn, that will decrease the amount of junk that you eat.

I consider myself a flexitarian. I do eat moderate amounts of meat. I do cook some of my food. But I make sure that I eat plenty of nutrient dense raw foods throughout the day.

If you need resources to read further on eating nutrient dense food, read Dr. Fuhrman's books "Eat for Health" or "Eat to Live."

I hope that this helps!

Happy Blending!


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