Nutrients Lost in Juice and Smoothies

by Buzz
(Ellenton, FL)

I'm concerned about the nutrients lost in juice and smoothies. I have read in various places that processing some foods (fruits and vegetables) in a blender destroys the antioxidants and even some of the nutritional value.

Cranberries are very high in antioxidants, but I have read that cranberry juice has none. I must admit there is some confusion about this because I have also read that red grapes do not lose any antioxidant properties when converted to wine.
So how do I know if I am losing a foods value and/or benefit when processing them?

I guess the problem is - fresh produce doesn't have labels.




I do think that some of the nutrients can be lost and oxidized when freshly blended or juiced. More so when juiced than blended. This is one reason to drink or chill the juice or smoothie right away.

Most of the nutrients and enzymes in produce are lost when processed and bottled. Most of the time... it's like sugar water with flavorings.

When looking for the most nutrients, fresh produce is best.

But I do believe that you get to assimilate a lot more nutrients since the produce is freshly juiced or blended. So in the long haul... you'll get more nutrients and antioxidants from your fresh produce.

Unless you chew your solid food into a juice with every bite, blending and juicing is a great way to breakdown the hard to digest cell walls.

I personally like how easy it is to drink smoothies. When considering the nutrients lost in juice and smoothies, I'll choose to drink a green smoothie over a green salad. Most green smoothies will provide more available nutrients than a salad. On the other hand... it is still good to exercise the jaw and chew all of your solid foods very well.

So, in the end, it is good to have a variety of foods prepared in a varieties of ways. But of course, I'll continue to enjoy my daily smoothies.

I hope this helps.

Happy Blending!


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