One Powerful Motor!

by Caleb R.

The Blendtec blender can get up to a hefty 3 horse power! For a small kitchen appliance that is able to turn practically anything into dust. With this blender it has been proven to withstand the abuse of golf balls, marbles and even modern electronic devices. This blender has a total of 8 speeds and runs at a whopping 6000 to 20000 rotations per minute(rpm).

Having this blender on the highest speed will be able to chop and puree your favorite smoothie in less then 10 seconds. If you were to place it on the lowest setting, the blender is capable of grinding your own baby food easily and quick. Blendtec has plenty of infomercials on demonstrating on how excellent the motor is able to keep up with anything that goes into it.

I saw a particular demonstration in which he filled the blender with 10 golf balls and turned it to setting 5, sooner than you thought it turned professional high flying golf balls into literal dust. He even exclaims "golf ball dust, don't breath it." I think that for a standard size house hold blender it does an amazing job at exceeding the purpose. In conclusion, I think that the motor inside of this Blendtec Home HP3A is exceptional.

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