by Rich
(Nanaimo BC Canada)

I want it all like everyone I suppose. I am trying to build muscle with free weights same time lose weight. I'm hoping the two combined programs, smoothies and exercise can compliment each other to the desired goal, shed 40 pounds.

I have returned to the tennis courts for some aerobic activity as well. Just started on hemp this morning as it was just sitting in the fridge anyway. I also take chia seeds as these are used by athletes to fill up and get the Omega's and protein Chia is well known for. I also am looking for VEGETABLE-source calcium so if you know of some wonder food for this form of calcium please let me know.

Last night a lady in the grocery parking lot mentioned protein from ground pumpkin seeds which sounds great for guys but I will need to find that, never seen it before on the shelves. My plan is to nourish the stress training and tennis with as much natural (not meat) protein as I can find. This will hopefully assist me in losing this very demeaning belly fat that has my doctor so nervous. I have heard of brown fat which is the good fat so am taking Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) in pill form but to incorporate natural source CLA in a smoothie would be great. Suggestions?

Lastly I recommend a Bamix stick/immersion blender for super easy clean up. It really cuts down on hours at the sink. The trick with these blenders is to start off with berries or high liquid content fruit. Even just plain old orange juice, just something that draws the other produce into the blades. Way easier on your blender and much quicker mix time.

This morning's smoothie was cherry yogurt for taste little orange juice for liquid, celery, hemp seed, chia seed, spinach and kale with some pitted cherries. You can find cherry pitters in the thrift shops very cheaply :) For residential use I don't think you will find a better blender than a Bamix many good videos on YouTube. The Bamix may take a little longer than a VitaMix for example but then you have a lot of clean up so the two are probably equal in mix time with the Bamix taking a lot less time to clean and a LOT less out of your wallet. Again the big trick with immersion blenders is start with liquid then blend the more solid veg or fruit. MUCH easier! :-)

Thank you, great site! Rich


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Smoothies with protein powder.
by: Christine

I am also trying to lose body fat around the middle. I work with weights as well as doing aqua aerobics.
I have bought lots of seasonal fruit, washed and cut it up into portions and have frozen them. I have also added carrots which I have cooked before adding them in with the fruit. I also add celery and cucumber. When I want to use them I just add a handful of spinach as well as Kale. I never use fruit juice, I only ever use water. I also add whey protein powder, cinnamon and some avocado. I love my smoothies. I live in Australia.
I am 71 years old in 2 weeks time.
Bye for now.

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