Regular Bowels with Green Smoothies

by Jan

How to have regular bowels with green smoothies. Jan is curious just how these cleansing smoothies can effect the digestive tract.

Question: I notice that when I drink the green smoothies made with 3-4 kale leaves that I have a bit of a dilemma in the bathroom a couple of days later. Seems to be a continual "running"... Maybe I'm using too much kale? Please advise.

Answer: I know what you mean. I actually use my kale smoothies to keep my bowels regular and flowing.

Warning to those with a weak stomach... I'm going to be a little graphic with my words.

Many adults don't know what a regular bowel moment looks and feels like. There are 3 different ways to know if you have regular bowel moments.

1. Soft and Mushy

Many people think that their bowels should be nice and firm and compact. When in fact it should be large, soft, fluffy, and mushy. Many times if your bowels are hard it means either you didn't get enough water or fiber in the last couple of days.

Please keep in mind that with all of the toxins that we breathe, eat, and drink everyday we must have an easy way for those toxins to leave our bodies. Otherwise, our body will find other ways to take care of those toxins. For example... through our skin and cause skin problems, like acne and boils.

Drinking green smoothies are a great ways to scrub out our bowels every day. Having clean intestines and colon is one of the big reasons people see all of the benefits of green smoothies. Like having more energy, healthy weight loss, clearer skin, etc. Plus, we have a much lower risk to contracting colon cancer in the future.

2. 2-4 Bowel Moments a Day

People should have at least 2-4 bowel moments a day. Most of the food that people eat contains little to no fiber. Plus... most of us are drinking more sugary drinks and less water on a regular basis. And on top of all that... many of us don't get the exercise that our bodies desperately need.

This all compounds and creates firm bowels.

3. Easy Flowing

Our bowels should flow right out with no problem. There shouldn't be a need to have a Reader's Digest sitting by the toilet. There should be no need to strain and push.

Many times... it flows so easily that I cannot hold it for long. I must find a bathroom ASAP. That is a good thing.


But after going over this information and you still think that your bowels are too loose, you can try cutting back on the kale. Then build up on the number of leaves as your body adjusts. Or you can try using a less "moving" green like spinach and lettuce.

I hope this helps!

Happy Blending!


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