Smoothie Calorie Information

by Stix C
(Toronto, ON, CANADA)

Thank you so very much for your Smoothie Handbook. Trust me when I say this will come in very handy. Plus, I have already forwarded your book and request to be added to your newsletter to many a friend knowing they will use and enjoy this as much as I will.

Can I make ONE suggestion or request, because some of us do count calories, whether we should or not, is there anyway of adding even an "approximate calorie count" per smoothie recipe. It is just always nice to know what you are taking into your body per smoothie?

I do count calories, I am on the Jenny Craig program and have lost nearly 50 pounds, I have no problem trying some or nearly all of these smoothies. But I really don't want to overdue the calorie intake per day. Off and on you read in articles about drinks, whether smoothies or anything else, the "hidden calorie count", they tell you to NOT drink your additional calories away.

As I said, even an approximate calorie count so the person making the drink might even alter something to decrease the count if they wish to do so. Or just know what they are taking in by making and drinking the drink.

Thank you for your consideration in the above, and best of luck with everything, again, great recipes.

DaNae's Note: Congrats on losing all of that extra weight! I can see why you and others would want to stick on with your diet plan. You accomplished what many dream of and only a few can do. Good for you!

Thank you for your recommendation for the smoothie recipes. I have been wanting to revamp all of my smoothie recipes to have more of that type of information available to you. But in the meantime... you can go to:

Just copy and paste the smoothie ingredient list into the text box and click the "Analyze Recipe" button. This recipe analyzer will give you most of the basic information that you'll need.

Thanks for all of your encouragement. I would love to try out some of your healthy smoothie recipes. Have fun blending up those smoothies!

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