Smoothie Protein Sources

by Danielle D'Amours
(Austin, TX)

Question: What form of protein do you recommend for smoothies, for over all health and economy too? I have heard some caution about too much yogurt or dairy. Soy powder also apparently has some drawbacks, particularly for older women and those with thyroid issues.

Answer: A little bit of plain good quality yogurt is okay to use. But I would not recommend it every day.

My favorite source of protein for smoothies is hemp protein. It is well-balanced.

Plus, it has other benefits that other protein powders don't have. It contains a lot of fiber and beneficial omega oils. Unlike dairy and soy proteins, most people are not allergic to hemp seeds.

Need an inexpensive way to buy hemp seed protein? I buy mine at I like iHerb because all first time customers get $5.00 off their first order. They also have a large variety of products at low prices.

I hope that this helps you out.

Happy Blending!


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Let's start blending bird nest smoothies!
by: DaNae

I got such a kick from your comment!

I never have heard about the protein in bird nests. Yummy... Bird nest smoothies. Heehee...

Thanks for your comment!

by: Jane

Thanks for the recipe!!! Love it

By the way, a bird nest is made up of about 58% soluble proteins? the highest among all food and even synthetic protein powders.

It greatly increase tissue regeneration.
Sources taken from the internet.

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