Smoothies for cancer protection and weight loss

by Loyd Sherry
(Nanaimo BC Canada)


I am new to smoothies and in my early 70's.

I enjoy vegetables. But I am NOT a yogurt fan. I am looking for ideas as to which vegetables offer the best cancer protection and is great for weight loss.

I notice that kale helps to control cancer. I have been using a variety of vegetables and fruit.




Welcome to the world of smoothies. I am so glad that you have become interested in smoothies. They will be immensely beneficial for your health.

Which vegetables are great for cancer protection and weight loss? Nutrient density is one of the most important keys to answering that question. We can only eat so many calories in a day before we start gaining weight. So the calories that you do eat need to feed and nourish your body.

You mentioned kale... Kale is at the top of my vegetable list. Kale contains vibrant nutrients while remaining low in calories. This is a hard quality to find in many foods. But most leafy greens have these same attributes. So try all different kinds of greens. Other great options are collard greens, watercress, bok choy, swiss chard, spinach, and the list goes on.

If gaining protection from diseases and losing extra body fat is what you are looking for, make sure that your meals are packed with nutrient dense foods. I don't expect you to drink nutrient packed smoothies for every single meal for the rest of you life.

So... throughout your day choose foods that will properly fuel your body. White breads, sodas, and candy have all been stripped of nutrients and only provide harmful side effects to your entire body.

Instead, focus on substituting those foods with natural foods. Eat foods closest to its natural state. For instance... Choose oranges over orange juice. There are many nutrients that are present in the orange that not in the juice. Plus, the oranges contains fiber to help satisfy your appetite and the juice does not.

For an example with other foods:

If you need starches, try brown rice, quinoa, barely, oats, or sweet potato. (Just to name a few) If you need bread or pasta, choose only whole grain or stone ground.

Regarding your dislike for yogurt... You do not need yogurt in your smoothies. I hardly use yogurt in my smoothies on a daily basis. That is all a personal preference. Just make sure to receive probiotics from some sort of fermented food or by supplement sources.

I hope that this helps you progress to an even healthier you.

Happy Blending!


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by: Anonymous

Supplement thickness is a standout amongst the most essential keys to noting that question. We can just eat such a variety of calories in a day prior to we begin picking up weight. This is a hard quality to discover in numerous nourishments. Be that as it may, most verdant greens have these same properties.

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