Swiss Chard Green Smoothies

by Janet Wright
(Helena, Montana)

I was just wondering... where are your swiss chard smoothie recipes??? I love my chard. I am drinking a big quart right now.

I do greenies differently sort of than you do. My recipe is based on the fact that I use a processor/blender combo. I usually use most of a "bunch" of either chard, kale, spinach or lettuce. I want a lot of bang for my buck, so I up the greens quotient.

I process the greens till they are well chopped. Then into the blender with a tablespoon of ground flax seed and a cup of cold water. I blend those together, then while the blender is running, I add 2T of melted coconut oil. After that's combined, I process a banana & fruit of choice (strawberries are best, kiwi is good, as are oranges). Once those are well chopped, into the blender to blend with the good greens. I then add the remainder of the water. It makes a quart. It's very simple, and easy on the blender. I have tried other smoothie recipes, but I must have a banana - I don't like avocados. I think you need that richness.

Anyway, last summer when I was on these full bore, my eyesight improved. Not enough to lose the glasses, but the ophthalmologist was VERY impressed.



Thank you for sending us your thoughts on green smoothies, specially with swiss chard.

I do need a page on swiss chard green smoothies. I just got done with a green smoothie made with swiss chard, blueberries, pineapple, and a banana. Being pregnant... I'm having a hard time drinking any kind of green smoothie. But I was able to use 4 leaves of swiss chard. Where I usually drink a whole bunch of greens in my smoothies. But half greens is better than no greens. ;)

I do agree with you about using bananas in the smoothies. I always use banana/s in my smoothies. Bananas do add the creaminess and the sweetness that give smoothies the popularity that it has.

I'm also impressed that you had improvement with your eyesight. That's so terrific!

Thanks again for sharing!

Happy Blending!


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