Top 2 ways to freeze kale...

by Bob Watson
(Ashland, Oregon)

Two ways to freeze kale for your green smoothies.

Smoothie Question: My garden is overrun with Kale... I love the stuff, but have way too much and can't keep up.

Can I blend the leaves into a "sauce" and freeze the concoction for later use?

Thanks for your help and or suggestions!

Smoothie Answer:

Bob, excellent question! I am jealous of your overabundance of kale. That's great for you! By freezing your extra kale, you'll be saving a lot of money.

You have a couple of ways to freeze your kale for future use.

#1 - Blend your kale and freeze it in ice cube trays.

#2 - Another option is to directly freeze the kale so that it's ready to conveniently drop into the blender. I tend to do this more than the previous option.

Just clean the kale and place it in a freezer bag. Usually, I pack a serving size in each bag.

I hope that you are able to harvest all of your kale in time!

Happy Blending!


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freezing spinach???
by: Dee

This is great advice, now I won't be wasting wilted kale. I also wonder is spinach leaves can also be frozen, I hate when the last half of the bag gets mushy and black and spoiled. Any ideas?

Use a straw to suck all the air out before sealing
by: Anonymous

Stick a straw in one side of the top of the bag and seal it up except for the part with the straw in it. Suck the air out through the straw and finish sealing the bag as you pull the straw out..

freezer burned kale
by: Anonymous

I freeze my kale by placing one serving into a "snack" sized Ziploc bag. Before closing the bag I roll it so that all the air is OUT before I seal it up. That has solved my freezer burn issues.

Freezing Kale
by: Anonymous

When I froze my kale on a plastic bag it got freezer burn. Any suggestions?

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