Using Avocadoes and Papayas in Smoothies

by Grace Batten
(Snellville, GA, USA)

Dear DaNae,

I am from Brazil. Smoothies are big there. My mother often made avocado smoothies.

They are scrumptious! Just blend avocado, milk, and some sugar or honey.

Also, try papaya with banana. The texture of this smoothie is heavenly. Just blend milk and the fruit. You may add a tablespoon of honey too. Add a half a cup of oats to make it a COMPLETE breakfast.



Thanks for the tips!

I like using avocado in my smoothies. It adds such a creaminess. But usually in the past, I only use part of an avocado with the other ingredients. I will have to try using it as the main ingredient here in the future.

I do really like papayas as well. But I went to buy one at the store, and it was $17! So, I haven't tried to make a lot of them lately. I would love to visit a tropical place and blend up a freshly-picked papaya. I'm sure that would be extremely good. I'll keep my eyes out for the prices to go down on the papaya, and then blend away. :)

Thanks again! and Happy Blending!


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Prices of Fruit and Veggies
by: DaNae


You are right on with the high prices of fresh produce. Unfortunately, in Northern Minnesota, we do not have an Asian market... but I have found ways to get produce cheaper. Like buying in bulk, growing and freezing my own, etc.

But for everyone else reading this... you can check out to see if you have a local Asian market to save some money on your favorite smoothie ingredients.

Thank Grace for highlighting this to our attention.

Fruit Prices
by: Grace Batten

Hi, DaNae!

When I first immigrated to the US, I was dumbfounded, and then outraged at the fruit and vegetables at the grocery stores. I thought Walmart would have the best prices, but I was wrong. Here in Georgia, we have Asian farmer's markets. Their prices are very affordable. We can buy fresh papayas for 0.69 cents per pound. I was in paradise when I first found Super H-Mart, a Korean farmer's market chain in the US! I was able to buy fresh, ripe mangoes for 5.99 for 9 mangoes.

I want to suggest to everyone who loves smoothies to visit your local Asian farmer's market. They can sell for way less because foreigners usually consume more produce than Americans.

Thank you for creating this wonderful website!

Happy blending to you!

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