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When I first visited this site, I was greeted by such a bright and colorful layout! The entry on the homepage was really amiable and encouraged me to read more about these smoothies. I think the site is a great way to share your findings and it isn't like one of those boring health guides you find across the net. I find this site to be very refreshing and makes me want to have a smoothie with all of the posted recipes on here! Its obvious that the intent is to better your lifestyle, and that's a definite plus in my book!

Alejandra Miami,FL

This is wonderful, information packed website, loaded with great ideas about using smoothies to make our lives healthier. I love your ideas for incorporating greens into mouth-watering nutrient packed drinks. These smoothies sound both nutritious and delicious. I look forward to trying some of these recipes. There is a lot of really useful stuff here, and it reminded me of how much I used to really love these things-I’m going to start making them again! Thanks!

Connie Holland, Ohio

Your site is extremely informative. As a nursing mother I am constantly hungry and always snacking. Your site has shown me several quick and easy ways to get a lot of the nutrients I require for my babies, as well as something that will help with my weight loss goals. I really like the way you have the tabs on the sides of the page, they make the different recipes easy to find. I have always made smoothies with ice, but I see using frozen fruit will help up the nutritive value. I plan on trying your carob dream smoothie tonight!

Your site is amazing, with lots of good information. I too am from northern MN and realize how important it is to have good nutrition and good tasting foods both summer and winter. I make a lot of things in the blender including smoothies and your site is both informative and inspirational. I've bookmarked it and intend to return often. The layout of your page is very easy to follow.

Jane H. Bemidji, MN

Wow, after going through so much websites and searching over the internet, I finally found a real good website about smoothies. I really want to appreciate your effort and the information you put in all sections with so many different nutritious recipes. I also searched various smoothies on net and do get some results but they all lack in nutritional value, where every other websites lacks you scored maximum.

This is a great site for perspective smoothie makers. It provides background and health benefits of the smoothie to motivate beginners. It also provides all of the necessary ingredients and instructions for a fail safe fruit smoothie in many different varieties. In fact there are recipes for smoothies that you won't find at your local smoothie franchise. The green smoothie section was especially helpful since those recipes aren't quite as intuitive.

Hi DaNae... I really like your site. It is easy to navigate and very informative. I love smoothies, and plan to visit your site in the future for more ideas. The site is put together very well, and has a nice look and feel to it.

This site is really great and very handy. I was looking so some kind of site like this for information about good recipes and its preparation, I am lucky to have found this site. This site is very informative and very clear, anyone can understand the contents and its very user friendly, and the contents are within the site limits. It has great recipes. I simply love this site. Thanks so much for getting me to know about this site. Keep up the good job.

Name: Venkat City: Chennai

This is a good website that has a good introduction to making smoothies. There is a good variety of smoothie recipes... There is also good information about the health benefits of smoothies and various ingredients. Overall, the website was good, with good information, that was easily found.

Taylor Pfohl Golden, CO

Very good website. The design and the menu color of the green make site really attractive and delightful. I had been waiting for something like this. It has all the things related to smoothies and the ways to make a smoothie. I am going to try it out now. I have heard of it before but have not tried it in my house and this site has absolutely every thing I need to know about it. It's absolutely great and presentation of the website is also not clumsy and very neatly organized and makes it a pleasant experience to read. Thanks!


'Smoothie-handbook' is really good website and I never imagine home made 'Smoothie' would be better than Juice bar. It is really nice idea to serve energetic, delicious and nutritious 'Smoothie' to family members, especially kids. I think that this is a great way to use fruits and veggies. I really like a 'Chocolate Smoothies' section as chocolate is probably weak point of many people. Besides all above mentioned things 'smoothie-handbook' is pure vegetarian website. We expect the advertisement of 'PETA' on website.

Name: Prasad City: Pune (India)

I was looking so some kind of site like this for information about good recipes and its preparation. i am lucky to have found this site. This site is very informative and very clear, anyone can understand the contents and its very user friendly, the contents are within the site limits. This site is really great and very handy. The look and feel of the site could be improved but other wise its a mind blowing site. I should consider myself very lucky to have spotted this site.

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