Weight Loss Success with Smoothies

by Norma
(London, ON Canada)

My daughter and I are having weight loss success with smoothies. We drink fruit smoothies for breakfast and lunch for the last month and a half or so. I have lost 10 lbs... but in the last 3 weeks - nothing. :(

We decided to try adding greens. So when I made our smoothies for today, I used the usual amount of fruit and then added 3 kale leaves. But the smoothie didn't turn green so maybe there is too much fruit? Just curious if I did something wrong.

I also have a question about 'Dates'. I love eating them and am eating them to satisfy my sweet tooth. But I find a lot of controversy about them as to whether they are fattening or not. I know they have a lot of natural sugar but lots of other good stuff too. Just wondering what your opinion is?

Thank you.



I am so glad that you have had weight loss with fruit smoothies! I'm sure that green smoothies will help you to lose even more weight!

Keep up the smoothie habit! If you aren't already, add in some regular exercise in your day. Smoothies are a terrific way to lose weight!

A green smoothie actually doesn't have to be "green". Green smoothies just mean there are greens added to the smoothie. If you add enough blueberries, the smoothie will be purple. This is a good way to get kids to drink green smoothies.

I always tell people to start with lower amounts of greens at first. So that their taste buds get adjusted to the green taste. Just keep adding greens as you get use to the greens.

I love eating dates as well! Delicious! They are filled with fiber and other nutrients. But as with most other foods, it is good to have dates in moderation... Don't eat a whole pound in a sitting.

If I needed to satisfy my sweet tooth, it is much healthier to have a handful of dates than a handful of chocolates or candy.

A couple things that I would try to increase your weight loss success with smoothies are psyllium fiber and hemp protein. These smoothie additives will help fill you up and satisfy your hunger for a longer period of time.

I hope this helps answer your questions!

Happy Blending!


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