When is the best time to drink smoothies for weight loss???

by Sue
(Duluth, MN, USA)

Sue is wondering when is the best time to drink smoothies for weight loss. Let's see her question before up close and answer her question.

Question: I love drinking my weight loss smoothies in the afternoon. Would it be better for me to drink my smoothie in the morning?

Answer: Smoothies can be used for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It all depends on what is most convenient for you and your family.

When considering your digestion, morning is the best time. But there are exceptions.

I usually drink mine for breakfast. If I don’t, I tend to not drink my "weight loss smoothie" all day. I almost always drink a healthy nut-milk shake in the afternoon. If that is the case, I would probably miss out on my green smoothie that day as I like to eat a regular healthy meal for dinner with my family.

Many of my friends will blend up a smoothie in the morning and take it to work to drink on their lunch break. This works out well for them. Some of them even blend up an extra smoothie to store in the fridge at work to drink the next day. Less prep work for them.

My family has a couple busy nights where dinner is just chaos. Instead of picking up hamburgers and fries at a fast food joint, we blend up a quick healthy smoothie for everyone. We do pack some healthy snacks for my son just in case he gets hungry later.

Drinking a weight loss smoothie later in the day is better than not blending one at all and eating junk food instead. I hope that you can find what time works best for you and your family.

Happy Blending!


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